RIP VINE – Best Vines of All-Time

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27 Responses

  1. Jeremiah Garza says:

    11:50 aha

  2. donald deluxe says:

    "Madison, you suck"
    "really mom, you SWALLOW"
    jesus h. Christ what a comeback!!!

  3. Dawgydawg Fresh says:

    This is the FUNNIEST video I’ve ever seen in a long time

  4. Amy Graham says:

    “Madison you suck!”

    “Oh, really? You swallow.”

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS FAMILY!?!! proceeds to jump on a refrigerator.

  5. Jeff 'dnames says:


  6. coned says:

    2:23 is one of the greatest videos of all time.

  7. thatBAT dude6606 says:

    @ 2:22 the sound she makes when you leg lock her head

  8. JLENNON27 says:

    @ 1:29 😉

  9. Tori B says:

    The one where the girl slams her face into a side mirror isn’t a vine lol it’s a clip from a telenovela. That is exactly how it happened in the show. The blond guy later goes back to med school to invent the surgery she needs to regain her eyesight. It’s called cuidado con el angel. It’s really good.

  10. q says:

    whos the viner at 12:45?

  11. ford strait says:

    Anyone got a link for 10:10

  12. tmdpc says:

    11:57 – That’s a power move. He may be my new hero.

  13. Ian Fernandez says:

    Song at 7:27 ?

  14. Chase E says:

    24:04 my favorite

  15. Ratte Ratte says:

    Why are there so many videos of people getting run over by cars!!! Is everyone ok??

  16. Ratte Ratte says:

    2:30 IS DE BEBE OK?!?!

  17. Sissy Beck says:

    funny! Thank you, Kevin McMackin

  18. Mike Rotch says:

    26:27. My whole body flinched. God damnit

  19. Mike Rotch says:

    The fucking girl gagging in the car has made me lose it everytime I watch it. I always have to rewatch it a bunch lol

  20. Rachael Razzmatazz says:

    3:32 OMFG

  21. Teresa Brush says:

    Song at 3:29 (I know it but I don’t remember the name)

  22. Court Dawg says:

    I choked at the blackhead one

  23. SøDøllsøme says:

    1:47 You can see that Tyler and Josh really are thinking "Wow

    They probably should have stayed inside there house"

  24. Matt Knill says:

    19:01 song?

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