Reinventing Reading: Paul Cameron at TEDxAuckland

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Paul has always had a passion for technology and reading and finds it fascinating that we can now carry an entire library around in our pocket. Yet the reading experience has not evolved in more than 2000 years despite storytelling taking disruptive leaps forward with the introduction of film and video games. Booktrack is his answer to addressing the decline in reading and literacy rates that will help make reading relevant again to a new generation of readers. Prior to Booktrack, Paul flew with the Royal New Zealand Air Force in roles including fisheries and customs surveillance, search and rescue, and anti-terrorism. Paul then founded a new division of an electronics and software company that provides products and services to the global defense industry, before cofounding Booktrack.

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13 Responses

  1. c30 net says:

    If they try to produce noise cancelling headphones with low price it would be better than this.

  2. SeiryuNanago says:

    I don't know mate, japanese visual novel are already really good (and the style is exported though the independant game market).

  3. Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget says:

    Did ted become a platform for salespitches???????????????????????????????????

  4. Bridge the Gap- Becoming Your Best Self says:

    Great video thank you!

  5. Brittany Diego says:

    It is surprising how many people don't read a book after high school or college graduation!

  6. Mr 112 says:

    this is a stupid idea. i want a quit mind when i read, i cant imagin anyone who loves reading liking this idea. the one way to make kids love reading, is to read for them when they are young.

  7. Da Goo says:

    This is gonna be a problem to the people …it will stop using their own imagination "a little". They will increase the problems of the ear by the increasing use of hearing aids.

  8. jrmackiel48 says:

    His talk should be called "Getting People who Hate Reading to Read." Reading is much more than getting lost in the pages, it is about self-knowledge and the attainment of wisdom. By reading books, one is able to realize the cyclic nature of history and their own role within it.

  9. Maotaro N says:

    we already have sound novel. but still good talk.

  10. satyajitsinh kosamiya says:

    yes ..totally appreciate !!,
    "emotions are element of retention" if u use that tool one can raise the retention rate ..


    amazing!!!!!!!!!!,i would love try this 

  12. klobmuk says:

    y u no have more views! and coments. this stuff is brilliant…

  13. Danny Brassell says:

    Loved your talk, Paul. Well done. When you get a chance, please check out my TEDx VillageGate talk, "The Reading Makeover." I'd love to hear your thoughts and connect. 😉

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