Reading Strangers’ Proudest Moments

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“When you can go through pain and still leave yourself open enough to let someone love you, and to give it, that’s strength.”

We all have secrets. We had people write down their biggest ones and read someone else’s to create understanding, connection, and empathy amongst strangers.

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37 Responses

  1. Jubilee says:

    We are so humbled and encouraged by the number of people coming forward and sharing their own experiences in response to this series. In season 2 of Seeking Secrets, we hope to bring in the people behind the secrets and have them share their powerful stories themselves. If you want an opportunity to share your story, we are currently in search of individuals for season 2. Your identity will be protected and you will remain anonymous in the film. If you live in the Los Angeles area and feel compelled to share your story, fill out our casting form in the link below:

  2. Anthony Leon says:

    I am not most proud of anything but my biggest dream is to one day make my dad proud of me. That will be my greatest achievement

  3. babygirlrhi says:

    My proudest moment isn't really a moment, but something I've overcame. I am proud that I haven't attempted suicide for more than a year. There has been times that I have been feeling suicidal and feeling the urge to hurt myself, but I haven't acted on it.

  4. no name says:

    today i felt beautiful for the first time in my 13 years of life. i know it's not going to last for long but while it's like this i want to enjoy it.

  5. Alina Akhtar says:


  6. Phoebe Nugent says:

    2:54 those words changed my perspective of myself

  7. Chloe zhang says:

    What if you don't have a proud moment about yourself? Im sorry

  8. Octopus Food says:

    My proudest moment:
    Went to the doctor about my mental health I got medication and can now leave my house with anxiety but it’s not over baring

  9. Letizia Sales says:

    I'm very proud of myself because I had severe social phobia and I couldn't even go out of my house without having anxiety attacks.
    I couldn't speak in front of anyone and I couldn't look them in the eyes.
    All that has become part of my depression, but I'm not social phobic(?) Anymore!
    My therapist said not even an adult would have done all I've done in a time so short (I was 15)
    So i'm pretty proud of that.

  10. Lakela Deangelis says:

    My proudest moment was getting control of my severe anxiety and try out for the fall musical i got the lead role and it was won of my most favorite memories

  11. Gerardo Carrillo says:

    Facing all my demons at 25 and coming out the other side feeling tolerable pain. I'm 26 now.

  12. leah b says:

    my proudest moment is realizing that people’s opinions do not control me.

  13. maggie says:

    Who’s cutting onions??????

  14. Holicxxx says:

    I love this series.
    I love it when people share their darkest secrets, because of their honesty and how I can relate to them,
    I also love it when I see people share their positive feelings. It gives me this warm feeling, and just makes me happy, that someone is happy. Thank you Jubilee.

  15. Warrior Tha Witt says:

    whats the name of the music in the background? I.e. song name

  16. Laquita Wright says:

    I once opened a pickle jar all by myself. (No joke, I'm actually proud of myself.)

  17. SonyBird 187 says:

    My biggest regret that I still regret is playing my Best friends, I manipulate them, and exppse them it's a habot a dark side but They get me angry and are equally as fake well some of them, I can't stop so I delete social media apps so I don't do it again bit It happens and keeps happening and I wish it didn't I can't stop but I'm not a toxic friend I genuinely feel bad for what happens to them, its 3/4 friends, especially my bff were like sisters but she annoys me sometimes because she keeps secrets from me calls me a hoe and when I defend myself by telling her I don't dress or act like one and she says she doesn't know but she knows I'm a hoe, but I love her we get allong most of the time, I would stop being friends with her but then she would turn my friends against me and I wouldn't have anyone to sit with in lunch

  18. sahar says:

    my proudest moment was, staying alive when i wanted to die.

  19. Sparngl says:

    That one time I did a flip was dope.

  20. Sian W says:

    I can't think of anything to be proud of

  21. Movaixs says:

    I was finally getting to love my body and admire it and love the feeling walking out feeling confident

  22. Movaixs says:

    I was proud to get out of my eating disorder for the past 8 months
    For I had realized that skinny isn’t perfect

  23. Oda Eiichiro says:

    Kami~sama ai~shiteru

  24. Destiny Dog says:

    ive been molested 4 times in my life and im so proud i finally told my mom

  25. crying sun says:

    im very happy to see just a positive video!! yes jubilee! this one made me cry happy tears today!

  26. Grace Blight says:

    I'm most proud of that I was at a train station and I saw a man walk slowly towards the train lines as a train was approaching he ran after him and managed to grab him juts seconds before he jumped in front of the train. I helped him for years with depression we are now nearly at out 19th year anniversary of being married.

  27. Anna Naumann says:


  28. namjoon kim says:

    My proudest moment was getting 91% in Maths and 84% for biology, I've always struggled with Maths and before entering year 12, I would only get 50% and I worked my ass off for the 1st test for Maths and I was 5th in my grade, I was so happy and for biology, I struggled with that subject especially short answer questions, throughout year 11 and before I had my mid year exam I had a breakdown because I felt like it was the end for my overall mark for year 12 since biology counts, I continuously put effort and ended up going from 50% to 84% and I ended up with 45/50 for short answers and this I struggled with a lot

  29. Serena Odonata says:

    I'm most proud of "saving" the lives of two friends who stuggled heavely with depression and a broken heart. I'm quite toxic, but for them I could be the person they could talk to, the person who drove hours to be with them and never left them till they had a chance to made it "on there own" . One sadly only made it for a short time and I don't know where he is right now, but the other is realy happy know and knowing that a was a tiny stone in that step for her mades me pround of myself like nothing else.

  30. cRinGeY JeSUs says:

    finally something positive.

  31. XLost MemoriesX says:

    I wish I had a proud moment…

  32. Brittany Bronson says:

    I am learning to take care of me for once I finally started therapy

  33. Marjolein van der Perk says:

    2.32 so beautiful

  34. Cold Biird says:

    My mom telling me "good job"

  35. Janhvi Dahake says:

    when you go through pain and still let yourself open to let someone love and give it back that's strength

  36. Petra says:

    I don't even know how I got here, I just know that I'm loving every single episode of the "Seeking Secrets" serie.

  37. sugatoyourtae says:

    I am proud that I have a high understanding of anything someone can be going through, because I've been through it all.

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