Ralph Fiennes on Charles Dickens & The Invisible Woman: ‘Infatuation that became a huge love’

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Ralph Fiennes on Charles Dickens and The Invisible Woman: ‘An infatuation that became a huge love’

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Ralph Feinnes, the director and star of The Invisible Woman and his co-star Felicity Jones tell Andrew Pulver how Charles Dickens’s affair with Ellen Ternan inspired his writing -€“ and why we shouldn’t view their relationship, between an older man and a teenager, as predatory. The Invisible Woman is released in the UK on Friday

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3 Responses

  1. Fanny Palattella says:

    This behaviour, those lookings, it's excruciating : I think deeply that RF loves KST and I am wondering; in point of fact : How many women even are able to recognize and especially accept Great Love for living it on Earth. Except for a very few cases ?

  2. Amin Brachtel says:

    I love the film!!! 10/10

  3. Marie H. Hansen says:

    I loved the film 🙂

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