~Pick a Card Reading~How Does He/She Feel About Me? Pick a card Tarot Reading

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~Please use your own logic & intuition. These interpretations are just a possibility. Keep in mind that this reading is for a “general” audience and it is not a Private Reading geared just for you.

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Legal Disclaimer

All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement. For legal reasons we have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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28 Responses

  1. Cathy Morgan says:

    I picked pile number 3 but now I am thinking this pile I need to hear ….I know my worth .. Its difficult to realize someone could be so sick and deceptive .

  2. simona stanimirova says:

    pile number 2

  3. Kathy Laird says:

    Pile #3….Wow, if he is working on himself, it is about time for that. Maybe then he will face our reality. I'll wait. Thank you for the insight verification that I was feeling.

  4. tortue de mer says:

    I am in a good relationship and lately one of my ex came through again in my life I got all existed and he played me for a few days, he does not deserve me and it was completely a one sided relation because I could never move on from this past relationship. I am not holding on to him no more even though it’s hard, and I have someone in my life that deserves me and that’s good for me. I picked number 2 and you read my situation, it was spot on.

  5. tortue de mer says:

    I picked 2 and this is exactly what I thought about the person I was thinking about, the reading was on point !

  6. MsDejaJ says:

    #2 thank u. ❤

  7. stolner sara says:

    Thank you!

  8. Doppelgänger says:

    #3 – has always been busy & self-focused; not necessarily in a healthy way. Happy to hear an awakening is happening.

  9. OhmyEffing Blackpink says:

    I am drawn to #1
    …it sounds right

  10. Jennifer Stroble says:


  11. Princess Nefalar says:

    Never resonated so much in a ready ever! Thank you.

  12. traci kay says:

    Yesss number 2

  13. Malup Singh Yadav says:


  14. Magic Steeley says:

    I picked 1 , he lost his wife to a car accident 3 years ago ,, this is what we are going through , wow you are so good , love you beautiful lady.. blessings to you and yours ..

  15. Michelle m says:

    Pile number 1. And as always, you nailed it. Love your message and your channel. Its so appreciated and I'm very grateful for all of your messages. The energy swirling all around me is creating a huge tornado and i am so thankful for the calm in the storm that you offer.

  16. Regina Lucero says:

    This was so much fun!!! You should definitely do it again. I picked two and when you were deciding which one to start with I was hoping number 2. Bam! Thank you.

  17. Davidsion McConnell says:

    Thank you , Jennifer.
    No 2 , exactly about me .

  18. Kimberly Murray says:

    I was going to pick 2 but was drawn to 3 and it was accurate. I met someone who i completely click w once i let a toxic situation go. He is moving to FL in Sept but will visit. He said its something he just needs to do 4 now. I respect that. If its meant to be it will…thx jen!! Xxoo

  19. cometomejamie says:


  20. Tina Monälle says:

    This was wonderful. I picked pile #3 and I hope the person I was thinking of genuinely is healing and working on himself as much as you mentioned ❣️ thank you

  21. 李慈頤 says:

    I pick up number 3. I love this reading… that’s what I expect him to do.
    Jennifer you are so right. I said totally same words as you said to him. He needs to work on himself first and then he will know who is the best for him.
    I wish he is really in this statement.

  22. PattiJuni7 says:

    Thank you so much Jennifer for telling me the truth my heart already knew but my brain is still refused. Gemini here and I choose no. 2. It's resonated.

  23. Rhonda Smith says:

    I'm a Scorpio. Thank you for laying it out for me. I picked pile 2. And your exactly right. He's a Leo. He won't call are text. Unless it benefits them.im moving on..

  24. Reem says:

    Thank you thank you!

  25. Johnnie Shreve says:

    I was a complete idiot

  26. Monique Aleida says:

    I believe it totally resonated with the cards I chose.

  27. Seba’s Colors says:

    #2 amazing reading>>>scorpio here…thank you dear :*

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