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This is PG TRB related video from this video we can motivate and give guidance 2 the students who preparing PG TRB exam for all subject like English chemistry physics Biology zoology botany Tamil history economics commerce and mathematics.

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19 Responses

  1. Chitra Jayaseelan says:

    Sir commerce material Tamil medium kidaikumma sir

  2. Thirumala Sudhkar says:

    Pg Trb economics study guidance 9600640918

  3. Sushant Sarvesh says:

    Neengal sollvathu unmai

  4. Ram Ramar Msc Bed says:

    Sir na pg completed b.ed final year pannra pg trb eluthalama

  5. philips philips says:

    Sir commerce ku tamil la material kedaikuma ?


    Sir I am b.ed final year. Naan pg trb apply panna eligible ah?

  7. Raji Raji says:

    Thankyou sir neenga solluvathu correct

  8. Vijay R says:

    May la election irukku….

  9. Malik Basha says:

    Sir. Super.

  10. Naga Raj says:

    Good sir i am committed Mpil physics but work in electrition

  11. sankar suguna says:

    Sir trb than mulumurichyapadikaran tet first vanta trb ye continue padikittama

  12. sankar suguna says:

    Thanks sir my aim pg yrb

  13. arivazhagan a says:

    material venam

  14. arivazhagan a says:

    my ambition pg trb

  15. Balu ganesan says:

    Thank u sir

  16. govind v says:

    Thank you sir. You are currect

  17. Ranjithkumar.Ms. RK says:

    Thank u so much sir…

  18. Nirmala Mano says:

    Sir are you sure pg varuma

  19. Nirmala Mano says:

    Sir super well said , pg trb is my ambition

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