Peter Hitchens, Why I Changed My Mind

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Why I Changed My Mind. Dominic Lawsons final guest in this too-short series is journalist Peter Hitchens, tracing how he changed his political opinions from .

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12 Responses

  1. AstheaTV says:

    Hmmm, ok I'm willing to give this a try, let's see if this will change my mind, too. (:

  2. VaucluseVanguard says:

    A man in search of a comprehensive world view rather than understanding life is messy and full of compromise and minor personal hypocrisies.

  3. kate golden says:


  4. Strefanasha says:

    nobody can confuse the church of england with anything for it does not stand for anything. christianity is not an accessory to any lifestyle, certainly not a conservative one, for Jesus is Lord and God, not a postulate

  5. Mike McDaniels says:

    You have finally grown up! Most young people are Leftist: (they want the wealth now). Older people are Rightist: (they don't want to give away their life savings to youth). These changes in philosophy usually take place with the formation of gray hair. The only one not effected was the idiot American Bernie Sanders.

  6. ronnoten says:

    The only real Socialist was Adolf Hitler, he gave Germany National Socialism and it worked a treat. Why do you think they destroyed Hitler and national Socialism!!

  7. Sten-Åke Dahl says:

    Lenin and Stalin and the bolsjeviks destroyed socialism. Social democrats were better to balance against the extreme ideas

  8. john fred says:

    He chaged his mind because there is more money in being a right wing shrill.

  9. Max Smart says:

    A few minutes of audio repeated several times to create a 36:00 video. AVOID!!

  10. James Anderson says:

    The sentence Peter says at 7:00 blows my mind .

  11. mike casanave says:

    Well Peter, You have also told the youth of this country they would be better off if they left and sought their fortune elsewhere as you considered the UK as doomed. Pure Communism is the ideal solution where every one is equal. Meritocracy can be also achieved in Communism. No more rich dumb ass kid getting the job over a poor kid with brains. The Republic by Plato explains precisely why democracy is the least desirable option when it comes to steering the ship of state. The last 50 years prove that beyond doubt.

  12. Vicki Boyer says:

    Thanks for this post that shows the possibility that people can mature beyond the righteous rages of their youth. There are too many overgrown adolescents in the world blaring their virtual reality based nonsense, fueled by the youthful arrogance of their belief that of course the world can be fixed now that THEY are here! But Mr Hitchens counsels not to oppose them, it seems that will only encourage them in their conspiracy theories. I only hope that civilization can hold out till the current crop of lunatics burns itself out. God Bless Us Every One…

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