Peter Hitchens VS Gaby Hinsliff On The Migrant Cologne Attacks

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29 Responses

  1. Lausbert says:

    I‘m sick and tired from feminazis. They discredit innocent men with disgusting smeer campaigns like metoo and on the other hand make excuses for actual sexual violence. So disgusting.

  2. Andy Doufreisn says:

    Honest question for you Europeans. Do you now get why we Americans said that civilians with guns is important?

  3. Sara Verdi says:

    send them all to saudi arabia. they have enough monies to support them and they wudnt be doing wat they are doing in europe. excuses excuses excuses for these poor misbehaving migrants.

  4. Sara Verdi says:

    stop making excuses for these rapmigrants

  5. thepepper191 says:

    I support mass immigration, however in order for it to be successful and beneficial to society and the immigrants themselves, a country must be ready and suitable for it to take place. For example, if a country is highly tolerant, has low unemployment and relatively high wages, then until that situation changes, it will have nothing to loose from taking on as many immigrants as possible.

  6. steven garland says:

    Read her review of Murray's book on Europe. She confirms all my preconceptions and I had not heard of her five minutes ago. Douglas Murray and Peter Hitchen's both exhibit common sense.

  7. Ryan Michael Oehme says:

    Now now gaby you silly girl…

  8. Jamie W says:

    Nothing worse than an ignorant, stupid and naive "feminist", who still think 1st wave feminism is relevant in 2017. 3rd wave feminism, which is now what infects our society like cancer, has nothing to do with equality and it's dishonest to say it is. Feminism today has more to do with bitterness, man-hating, making up words and believing there's such a thing as "the patriarchy", complaining about nothing issues and myths like the wage gap than actually caring about women in this world who actually do suffer, in ACTUAL rape cultures – not the imaginery ones feminazis have invented here on college campuses etc. There's far too many television hosts, particularly in the BBC that hold pathetic and biased views, the majority of which are also "feminists".

  9. ruth bashford says:

    Gaby Hinsliff might be a feminism but she's also an idiot. She should go and be a feminist in Iran or any other Muslim country and see what happens.

  10. John NoNameGibbon says:

    Damn, he's sharp. 5:20

    Just, wow.

  11. Juliocyp says:

    This is typical of the left. Wants more government to control societies

  12. Jim S says:

    Tony Blair has FUCKED Britain forever. Him and his fucking Labour cunts have destroyed this country by ordering an uncontrolled mass immigration surge from third-world (and predominantly Muslim) countries, just so he can gain more votes for Labour. Muslims don't fucking change – they hate the West, they will never integrate. THEY ALL FUCKING HATE US and they are now here and they are out-breeding us.

  13. nobby roberts says:

    All women are my equal…l might be able to lift a little bit more but they have skills l don't have ….my wife verbal skills far far surpass mine …she is never never stuck fir words and always knows what to say and when …..the trouble in my eyes is the way feminists jump on the ordinary Brit blokes back and gives them shit but totally ignore Muslim attrocities against women every day !!!

  14. Do what you must, I have already won says:

    Does anyone honesty think that feminism and Islamism make comfortable bedfellows??

  15. Will Richards says:

    German authorities also obscured the facts around the recent Dusseldorf attacks, with no mention of the fact the attacker was a muslim asylum-seeker from, you guessed it, an islamic country (Kosovo)! One wonders why the paucity of information released by the German authorities was meekly copied and pasted by parers like the Guardian and the Telegraph, without any probing by the respective reporters about why the terrorist was said to come from the "former yugoslavia" (it has been five or six different countries for twenty six years now!), or how, within twenty four hours of the attack, they were able to say it was about "mental problems"…the world's fastest diagnosis!

    This vile woman/feminist needs to shut her mouth, instead of talking over Peter Hitchens…particularly when she has just made an ignorant comment about him, and he is seeking to correct her.

  16. kvukg n n says:

    Wow, this woman is living on another planet

  17. sadako24 says:

    Authoritarian sliminess of feminists, throwing their 'sisters' under the bus, beholden to see now.

  18. eltubster14 says:

    This woman is a disgraceful fraud. She should be forced to live in Bradford or Luton for 18 months.

  19. John Doe says:

    gabby has a voice and tone that makes me want to rip my ears off. also while i'm thinking about it, that new muslim terrorist mayor of london is a smarmy little creep.

  20. Mario Mano says:

    Gaby Hinsliff needs to be made a bitch whore for some Muslim, locked in a Harem, made to clean the floors. Sweet justice that would be.

  21. RossKempOnYourMum01 says:

    That awkward moment when a Guardian columnist has to choose between women and brown skinned people.

  22. Jonathan Bowden says:

    I wonder what this silly cow would have to say if she was one of the Women attacked by this mass of Muslim perverts?

  23. Jonathan Bowden says:

    Gaby Hinsliff there saying that the vile and mass sexual attacks in Cologne on innocent Women by Muslim immigrant men who were new to a nation opening its arms wide to them, was the fault of the Police.

  24. Par N says:

    The feminist bitch is blaming THE POLICE for the "Cologne incident " ? Incredible ! Can´t believe my own ears…

  25. Chrissi says:

    Even for liberals it's strange to actually say mass immigration is a good thing and has many benefits. At least most agree that it's a humanitarian responsibility with its consequences not actually that it's a positive thing per se. I feel like she confuses it with immigration itself or multicultural society b/c it makes no sense what she's talking about

  26. SilentMott says:

    I don't agree with Peter Hitchens like I did his brother, but he's DEFINITELY right here. Aside from supporting modern feminism.

    I cannot believe this woman claims the police let down women during the Cologne assaults and INSISTS that we let MORE immigrants in to "socially benefit" the country!!!! Maybe she'll get some "social benefits" if it keeps happening. I call a spade a spade. These people are backwater religious lunatics and should be turned away until they straighten their shit out or kill each other off.

    Ahh 3rd wave feminism, where the feelings of rapist immigrants are more important than…women getting raped by rapist immigrants. What…the…fuck.

  27. Toza says:

    With the hundreds of sex offences from Muslim men in this country alone. Is it not telling that the government and the left still do nothing about it. There are problems here already, why Import more.

    Like Mohammed Ali said about white people in America, if their are 10,000 snakes coming at you and 1000 of them will protect you or you have the choice of closing the door, you close the door, you don't risk it. Like wise with Muslim immigration.

  28. Edithae says:

    Mass immigration brings economic benefits? Like what, wage depression

  29. Dan Kelly says:

    She will have the blood of a lot of people on her hands!!!

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