Peter Hitchens The Yorker interview- 23/06/13

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This is an interview with The Hated Peter Hitchens from The Mail on Sunday had with a student magazine called The Yorker where they talked about subjects like drugs, mental health, Marxism, the state of British politics etc. hope you enjoy.

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23 Responses

  1. Just B. Cause says:

    Education is the key to happiness; Amen!

  2. marshalllucky says:

    Peter Hitchens is not `hated` . He has millions of fans who read his columns and look forward to his common sense , thoughtful, intelligent and articulate contribution to everything he takes part in . Fabulous forthright guy , total respect for him.

  3. John NoNameGibbon says:

    What he said about capitalism made me think. While it's certainly based on the human concept that I can own something, that it's essentially mine, I wonder what he means by capitalism.Perhaps at its base he's right. It's just human nature. But as it is today, it is certainly not natural. Corporations clearly are dangerous and not at all natural, for example. .

  4. Joel Rowe says:

    10:20 This shows how it is more about generations than simply age. Hopefully generation z can save us from the spoiled rotten baby boomers before it's too late

  5. takizakura123 says:

    Great audio. Hitchins is well liked, a journalist who can think and is unafraid of going against the prevailing ideology. I can see why some hate him.

  6. Victoria Cariad says:

    26:40 "Is there a character in some film or television series who smokes rollups and starts the process by putting the filter tip between his lips?"

    Why do I have a strong feeling that i've seen 'Chris' do that in Skins?

  7. HoopLah clunk says:

    listening to peter for 2 weeks took me to a higher level of reason and understanding.

  8. LyovMyshkin says:

    "All serious systems of thought are Jewish heresies". Hitchens is a hero of mine but this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard a thinking person say. I wouldn't say the reverse is true but I might remark that most of the stupidest ideas in history are forged and promoted by Jews.

  9. boopdoop says:

    Who is Hitchens talking about at the very beginning?

  10. Mildred Wilson . Art says:

    Very good individual PETER HITCHENS. 

  11. Felix Van De Ocot says:

    Very Good

  12. Nell philpott says:

    Peter Hitchens is so thoughtful, kind and intelligent. His beliefs and convictions are worth very serious consideration. He is a model to the young, an example of a non-conformist undaunted by the 'cool' monopoly that prevails, that sanctimoniously indoctrinates in subtle ways, intimidating so many. He generously gives people courage and as much knowledge as he can get across in his books and his talks, to think for themselves and to pursue learning as a joyous way of life, as well as to defy the herd mentality that strangulates our souls. I look forward every week to checking youtube and the Mail-on-Sunday to see whether Peter Hitchens has more to say. Keep posting please and thank you.

  13. MrMorethanexist says:

    Peter Hitchens is brilliant……we all agree with Peter. 

  14. bellacatrie says:

    The worried well who consume anti depressants are mostly middle class.

    The working class. traditionally, have had rather a healthy suspicion of psychiatry.

  15. billybagbom says:

    "Smoking on television is kind of taboo." Murdering, fornicating, lying, cheating, whatever else — fine. Is (post)modern morality really superior to "Bronze Age" morality? Or have we simply come up with a more "refined" list of do's and don't's based on what is perceived to be in the best interests of the Collective?

  16. sam little says:

    this is the law, you are free to break it but then you will suffer the consequences of same. running around naked does far less harm to society and drugs but most societies have public decency laws against it because it is considered an indecent experience to others around even though it does far less harm to the person and those around than if they took drugs.

  17. sam little says:

    in effect they already are. to be so is not criminal in and of itself, but in a non coercive society, people have to bear the costs of their own lethargy (unpaid bills, health problems). Peter, unlike the leftists is not saying we recondition people to find the root causes, but we do understand that free societies have behavioral standards and enforcing them is part of maintaining that society. But rather than try and overhaul change and reprogram society and people, what you do is say that…

  18. tooshlong says:

    well said, listen to the video, whether you disagree with him or not he has thought through his arguments and are logically sound even if some are ultimately misplaced.

    hitchens will refrain from ad hominum unless provoked by derelicts ala russel brand and this cannot be said of those 'intellectuals' on the left. (patehtic title of video as an eg). i mean just listen to will self and you can draw your own conclusions as to whos arguments lack more intellectual rigour.

  19. HIGHLANDKING1 says:

    *the much loved Peter Hitchens from The Mail on Sunday.

  20. cunaeus22 says:

    I personally love Peter Hitchens and sometimes, use his interviews as a drug to induce sanity.

  21. mjd222003 says:

    That's a fair point. However, banning "self-stupefaction", a form of self-harm, strikes me as a grievous attack on liberty.

    On a less germane note, I believe drugs to be as ineradicable as laziness, at least through my experience in American society. I understand Hitchens' frustrations, but it is virtually impossible to stop something that is so widely demanded. A more efficacious approach would be to address what leads people to drugs.

  22. mjd222003 says:

    It seems to me Hitchens' hatred of drugs has sullied his reasoning abilities. He argues that drug use is a matter for the law because third parties are affected. The extension of this logic is that apathy and lethargy should be matters for the law as well.

  23. Procommenter says:

    “War is coming. 1941, they say…It's all going to happen. All the things you've got at the back of your mind, the things you're terrified of, the things that you tell yourself are just a nightmare or only happen in foreign countries. The bombs, the food-queues, the rubber truncheons, the barbed wire, the coloured shirts, the slogans, the enormous faces, the machine-guns squirting out of bedroom windows. It's all going to happen.”
    – George Orwell: "Coming Up for Air," p. 274

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