Peter Hitchens says Theresa May is weak and David Cameron is useless

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28 Responses

  1. Mr Socialist says:

    The only brexiteer who talks a modicum of common sense about Brexit.

  2. Rhett Rhino says:

    Peter Hitchens, telling the truth. Run’s in the family.

  3. GetYour Fix says:

    Special relationship isn't a thing? Of course, not with your attitude. We were great friends when Obama was president, but your virtue signaling Parliament bashed the hell out of Trump that supported Brexit completely and would have helped out.

    Cutting off your nose to spite your face… You'd rather a pretty, soft spoken leader than a shit stirring nationalist.

  4. Matthew Jackson says:

    The ideal situation for any state is to experience sharp economic growth while its rivals' economies grow slowly or hardly at all.
    ~John J. Mearsheimer

    Based on what Mearshiemer states above, Germany is doing this exactly as planned. . England is not a strong economy , plus England wanted a measure of independence and refused to fully come under the purview and control of the EU'. , As a result , Germany wanted to boot them from the EU . Thus,, through all kinds of political machinations, the EU arranged it so that England would leave the EU on its own volition via Brexit. And yes, Peter is right , England is becoming a further weakened third country to the European Union.And yes, they will flounder around and eventually come to the EU's bargaining table and become a vassal nation-state to the German empire that operates under the guise of the EU,

    Peter Hitchens is right, history is repeating itself in Europe. Germany is once again dominating the European continent but without the use of large-scale military campaigns.

  5. Mattias Forelli says:

    May is useless.

  6. W12MODS says:

    The twat Hitchens just defended Corbyn in the Sunday Mail.



  7. Daniel Haddon says:


  8. thedexterbros says:

    Theresa May can't go on a state visit because the Queen is the head of state? Technically true, but meaningless. For the most practical international relations heads of government want to meet other heads of government, not give the royals a tour of Washington. Get over the semantics of whether visits are "State" or not

  9. chuk ezigwe says:

    Sensible man with realistic appraisal of the situation unlike Remoaners and Extreme Leavers. Everything, especially when this complicated, is a compromise, this is not the GB of the 70s so you need to suck up some reality.

  10. Angie Dee says:

    David Cameron is not weak, we need him back. Shut it Hitchens!

  11. T A says:

    One’s a spoilt Eaton twit and the other a preachers daughter. Both of them
    have never had money worries and have not a clue about being street wise.
    I will not vote Tory again as they are just an extension of the liberals and do
    not have a clue or the balls to fight the real enemy in this country,the Left.

  12. Topham Hatt says:

    I think Peter is talking complete sense. May and Cameron and on their knees and steady exit of the EU is in necessary as we are no longer the industrial powerhouse we once were.

  13. killwill83 says:

    Peter Hitchens spends every professional waking moment doom mongering about everything that I imagine death would come as sweet relief for him. Go on Peter, make yourself happy- kill yourself.

  14. says:

    May is a Month not a Weak.

  15. jnmklo9 says:

    The trouble with the brexit referendum is the lack of honesty – almost every voter was lied to. The Asian community, and in particular, families with older members from India Pakistan and Bangladesh were leafletted and told it will be easier to bring family members to Britain once we leave – but they now know immigration worries – 'control our borders' appeals to a large chunk of UK society. Remain campaign lied about an economic meltdown as soon as a leave vote happened and that has not come true. The leave campaign lied about money for the NHS in a big way and they repeat that 10bn goes to the EU but never that we get 8 bn straight back plus another 6bn in tourism off friendly Europeans and inward investment from European manufacturers. The Tory government should have just turned round to the European union and said we are restricting free movement and replacing it with visas either work or holiday or educational – if their is a real danger from migration to here from EU? I say let's be very democratic and have another referendum – especially since no one is happy with the result. Our government is in chaos and Cameron will probably go down as the stupidist PM ever.

  16. Helmut Goebbels says:

    'A wholly pointless boondoggle'. PH – nailed it again.

  17. Sean Moran says:

    Don’t be tribal
    I voted UKIP to force the issue or force the two main parties to change
    I haven’t voted for them since but would do again if need be !
    My thinking is similar to the star bucks campaign ! Change or I won’t buy your product ditto with politics

  18. Sean Moran says:

    I like Peter because he forces you to think about the subject at hand !
    Then it’s your choice on what to do

  19. Emmy Fae says:

    why you not like your brother may his soul be at peace bless him! Trump is good…………. so your on the liberal left here! you prefer Clinton……….? I only listened to you thinking your like your brother but unfortunately your not!

  20. Philip Croft says:

    How the hell does he think we would otherwise escape from the EU prison? militarily?? HE DOES TALK BOLLOX AT TIMES !!

  21. Ivo Hristov says:

    Well I must say I'm quite surprised. Never thought I'll agree on anything with Peter but here we are…

  22. richards9407 says:

    What's the clip from at the end? Anyone?

  23. George England says:

    Mrs May is certainly not another Churchill.

  24. Clive Thomas says:

    Jan 27 2018 07:48:10
    ID: 9400a1
    May is neutralized.
    MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.
    Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.
    These people are stupid.

  25. Tom Marcus says:

    Cameron and May are both traitors and liars, same as the rest of the Corrupt British government.

  26. Jen The Blue says:

    Cameron useless and Theresa May weak? Nothing earth shattering there.

  27. The Cuck Stops Here says:

    I think that somebody got to him. He's suddenly changed his tune in the past few months on Brexit.

  28. Leo Veyne says:

    This guy's is talking a load of drivel, all that needs to happen is for us to get real prime minister and for the farce that is the EU to sink into shit hole where it belongs because it is enviable, the EU has and is failing but that was the plan all along.

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