Peter Hitchens on Canada’s drug policy

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  1. Jack Q says:

    Glad I watched this again. The chuckle at 11:33 is beautiful.

  2. chessy666farm says:

    people take drugs regardless if they are illegal or not. the safest thing is to sell them legally through a framework of standards of production in order to minimise harm and prevent criminals using drugs as a income. gangsters made money off prohibition and now they make money from drugs and people trafficking to fuel the illegal prostitution market which should also be legalised for the same reasons. the war on drugs just like the EU sucks up UK tax money which could be better spent such as on schools, the nhs, more prisons, in the armed forces, legal aid etc

  3. Beady Fascist says:

    Hitchens is right, it's very easy for teens to get access to alcohol through third parties and the police just issue cautions when teens are caught drinking or smoking cannabis. We need to enforce our drug laws and crack down on adults buying alcohol for teens, as well as the teens themselves. Humiliate them by putting them in a cell and having their parents pick them up.

  4. illyrianprinc100 says:

    why is it that i cannot help but admire this person even though I disagree with him on virtually every point

  5. —————— says:

    Peter hitchens is smart, but he is an arrogant prick, and on this issue he is way off base. Empirical data simply does not support his positions. Furthermore, though he is highly intelligent, he has a buffoonish way of debating, over talking, raised voice, essentially bullying his opponents in a very primitive way. This is not a model of civilized discourse.

  6. Roger Baker says:

    The HYPOCRISY of the British government in prosecuting citizens for possession of weed, when the entire British Empire was built on opium, is BREATHTAKING!

  7. Camero56 says:

    the government want it legalised because they can make money off of it, then spend part or all of the money keeping the crime level of it at a similar levels. or do what they do in denmark with alcohol and own all sales themselves

    big business wants it because they can venture to legalise it in another country, own all parts of it from growth, movement, packaging to sale and take all the profit, working with government to control sales of other "not as good sources" and own the whole market.

    and then it is public perception, same with alcohol and cigarettes it can be manipulated in all directions, but it's in favour of those who control more

  8. T OM says:

    Great having Peter on your side. He always dismantled their argument beautifully.

  9. Asl6uk says:

    What if you live next door to someone who uses this disgusting drug, stinking you out, nobody seems to talk about that.

  10. dawna lohbihler says:

    Booze is just as bad as pot, consider how widespread FASD is (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). I would venture many mental disorders are in fact misdiagnosed cases of FASD. I also have a family member whose psychosis was triggered by teenage pot smoking. He is now in his late 20s and living with schizophrenia. Peter is right, and Peter is wrong. As a Canadian I agree with the legalization of pot. Even though I haven't touched the stuff in decades and have done my best to keep my kids away from it.

    At least the other toxic chemical substances that are mixed in with the street drugs can be controlled, let alone the percentage of THC. Just as with alcohol, education is required. Every bottle of booze should have warnings on it. And every packet of pot should as well. Peter also has to learn what the mental health therapists are speaking about when they say that people are self medicating with alcohol and street drugs. What a pedant. This attitude makes it difficult to accept the good points he makes.

  11. Roger Baker says:

    Cannabis should NEVER have been demonised and proscribed in the first place. Those who label it a , "gateway drug", are merely repeating what the Establishment has declared. Those who claim it is addictive, know nothing about either cannabis or addiction. Cannabis is probably among the top five most useful plants on earth. The list of textiles which can be derived from cannabis is astounding. It's medical uses are many and varied. The ignorance displayed by some people…especially the 'educated' set, leads me to the conclusion that these fools need to eat some brownies and grow a brain.

  12. TheCrusaderRabbits says:

    Hitchens is wrong in this one.

  13. crowesarethebest says:

    Not sure when the date of this interview happened but I can assure listeners that the small pot stores that pop-up in Ontario are immediately raided and shut down. Not sure whats happening in other provinces.

  14. Jack Q says:

    Everyone rattles Peter on the drugs issue. Shows how much Big Dope has come into our societies, everyone seems to think cannabis is ok, it's not. He wipes the floor with everyone in this interview.

  15. petterhny says:

    Peter should stick to talking about stuff he actually knows about. He's coming of as a retard. Not that I usually agree with him on other topics, but I like hearing his POV as its generally much better articulated that is usually the case with conservatives.

  16. COWofHACKNEY says:

    Peter needs a bong

  17. Christian says:

    M O R A L I T Y



  18. Mike_ni_33 says:

    I'm a police officer and I have no clue why Peter Hitchens would say we don't enforce the law. If you have cannabis on you then you will be prosecuted or at least given a caution which is proportionate. If you grow cannabis you will be prosecuted. Police forces being accused of hypocrisy in UK is lazy thinking. We are duty bound to act. We can lose our jobs our mortgage and then domestic lives by failing to investigate. Trust me when I say it is far far easier to prosecute the stoner kid than turn a blind eye. I take his point that kids in parks drink and take drugs. But haven't they always?? How many officers does he think are on duty in an area per capita?? We live in a free society where people have rights but also obligations. Relying on the police to keep you safe or influence the minds of teenagers is hysterical. If we can we will but in reality every person has responsibility for themselves and their children.

    In regards to a change in the law I would be against legalising cannabis. It is an anti social drug that makes people stupid. If you fall on the legalisation side of the argument the only honest position is legalise all drugs. An argument based on Liberty. I can at least respect that view point even though I disagree with it. The idea that it would be "good" for society to legalise it is nonsense. It would be good for responsible moderate productive users. Same as gun laws. We have to walk at the speed of the lowest common denominator who would be destroyed by legal cannabis.

  19. TinTin Smythe says:

    As a Canadian Bill Blair and Trudeau are fools, Bill Blair went after Rob Ford because he slashed the police budget by 10% and now he's part of the crooked liberal party. Canada is going to the loo with these guys

  20. Blank271 says:

    11:01 "Where do you live?" Exactly right. Where do these people live alongside all the sober and presumably polite and respectful teenagers?

  21. HLM says:

    Made progress in getting young people to not drink because they don't go to Pubs? How ludicrous, young people don't go to pubs they just buy stronger cheaper stuff from supermarkets- Peter is spot on.

  22. igodinoel says:

    Peter is full on retarded on this subject. I once got into a twitter spat with him over this and he did nothing but ignore my genuine point and call me names. Never seen someone so intelligent be so fucking stuborn headed.

  23. Johnline says:

    i lived in vancouver, they have a massive hobo and homeless problem that they're not solving any time soon. cannabis serves as a gateway to other drugs and a life of lethargy in some weak willed people that ultimately ravages a proportion of lives. it needs to be restricted as far as possible

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