Peter Hitchens DESTROYS Another Panel Of Biased Leftists

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44 Responses

  1. malcolm john says:

    DESTROYS ? ,..IMHO he looked an idiot and out of touch

  2. Paul Taylor says:

    Peter Hitchens does not know what he is talking about here.He called the detective who had worked for 20 years undercutting in the drugs trade a liar!Do you know more than him Pete?Oh yes,I forgot,the answer is in your book…Available at all good booksellers…..

  3. Petey B says:

    Baroness Meacher probably lives in a massive house with security gates so she’s safe. Let the smack heads live near you and you wouldn’t be as quick to defend. Stupid idiotic woman. It should not be up for discussion.

  4. kitschiguy says:

    Ca, ca, can I, can I, can finnish, can I? OK, I've finished.

  5. James Edward S. says:

    No way do I accept the lumping in of tobacco with the truly powerful psychoactive drugs. Since when in the last 500 years of tobacco addiction was even one (1) tobacco addict found in the gutter, destitute and naked and pathetic and worthless, because of his addiction to tobacco? Or when was even ONE (1) tobacco addict found legally insane and remanded to a psychiatric facility? When, dammit, when when when?????!!?!?!?!!? I wish and pray to God Almighty that all you anti-tobacco wackos would goto a place infinitely worse than hell for a time infinitely longer than an infinite number of eternities!!!! I hate your guts. You rat friggin' bastard scum bags can't control the heroin, the LSD, the Quaaludes, the opioids, or any of it at all, and yet you propose to spent trillions of fiat currency units cracking down on tobacco?!?!?!?! I HATE YOUR FRIGGING GUTS!!!!!

  6. Kirloper Mods says:

    Allot of drugs have no safe way to take them. Some drugs can get you hooked after your firsts or second use meaning many people would become addicted very quickly because it is now legal causing a greater increase in health related effects increasing NHS spending.

  7. Jame Gumb says:

    14:50. "Don't patronise me please". Hitchens is a true British legend.

  8. HUGESTIR06 says:

    How come no one ever sites Holland as an example of cannabis use? ..most Dutch don't smoke it as its lost the mystery of a banned substance and has morphed into just another commodity,legalising heroine,exstacy,cocaine is out of the question as they could never pass clinical regulations..cannabis could so there's a stark difference

  9. BedsitBob says:

    There is no "safe way" to do drugs.

  10. BedsitBob says:

    Here's an idea.

    Deny NHS medical treatment, to anyone who overdoses on illegal drugs.

    In a few years, the problem will have solved itself.

  11. Ghetto-Boy says:

    They are absolutely right about canabis, my 2 sons used to smoke it and the trouble it caused my family was catastophic, they would steal money, phones jewelry, anything they could get their hands on just to sell to buy that crap, i was the head of the family and i tried to come down hard on them but it just made it worse, they used to fight me, smash the house, threaten to have me beat up, it was a nightmare, it got so bad it caused the break up of the family, i was with their mother for 20 years and now we are no longer together, this was a few years ago, since then my kids realised what it was doing to them and now they no longer touch the stuff, i have since had conversations with them and they both said it effected their brain, changed them mentally, turned them in to horrible people, and they feel so much guilt over the break up of the family, but i forgave them and we are best friends now, the trouble and break up effected my health, i have been on medication for my nerves ever since.. the best thing they did was get that crap out of their life, they have turned in to the great kids they once was..

  12. Craig Brexit says:

    A loony lefty Baroness.

  13. Graeme Buchan says:

    Peter Hitchens is a wretched moron when it comes to drugs

  14. waterborne says:

    Drugs should be decriminalised but not legalised. It should be provided by clinics with psychiatric help at a price that pays for the clinics, etc. but low enough to destroy the illegal trade and so damage other criminal activities.

  15. SistorCarrera says:

    I see them giggling so I h8 them drugs are killing my freunds

  16. Glen Pendlebury says:

    Well done Peter, it's less drugs not more drugs we need.

  17. NWBwana says:

    5:19 Does this guy still get his research from Reefer Madness? Cannabis is making babies be born with their intestines outside their body ?!?!?LOL. Pal, you don't have a freaking clue. Aside from the complete lack of evidence and medical research to support your position, notice that all the countries he mentioned have legalized in (one form or another ie medicinal) cannabis and there hasn't been an epidemic or even mention of this in the news? Overnight the governments of multiple nations went from jailing the users of cannibus to making it legal and intentionally covering up that it significantly deforms babies? Ya, ok pal. Don't get me wrong, cannibus has it's harms like negative impacts on developing brains, but if he wants to talk on a substance that destroys children in the womb then I'm sure he is hugely anti-alcohol….because Fetal Alcohol Syndrome actually exists and actually does deform babies both physically and mentally (and every which way).

  18. JoeysSecretLover says:

    Agree about the drugs except Marijuana.

  19. Pezfeo says:

    This past week (mid April 2018) the investigation into the death of musician "Prince" has reported it was due to counterfeit Vicodin pills that
    contained the more powerful opioid Fentanyl instead of the proper Hydrocodone.
    Vicodin is Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen (Paracetamol), usually available in 5mg, 7.5mg, and 10mg (Acetaminophen 300mg to 750mg)

  20. Grant French says:

    Puritans pushing their superior morality on the rest of humanity. You get the impression they miss Oliver Cromwell.

  21. aticus aticus says:

    this debate/discussion is a prime example of a( a sanctimonious ex police officer b( a privileged silver spooned do gooder and c( a biased presenter giving a totally skewed view on something they actually know nothing about. the ex police officer is spending his time self promoting, the baroness is totally ignorant of the facts but wants to come across as caring and benevolent the presenter is a lightweight. once again peter hitchens is, along with the other guy, the only ones that really know what is happening and how it should be dealt with.

  22. parthenipirate says:

    I take loads of drugs called medication, due to smoking a legal addictive drug for years that is now killing me & the greedy drug dealers (pharmaceutical companies) making a fortune on the back of it

  23. king and Country says:

    The evil hateful racist ( towards people who love their nation, towards white concerned people ) BBC at it again knowing that immigrants Muslims etc would make millions selling their drugs to our children and even get girls hooked on drugs so they can be easily used as sex slave's, you may as well let the British carry guns too so we can protect ourselves from drugged up criminals or worse still drugged up immigrants etc who hate us anyway. The fucking BBC is truly evil with the power to lock you up if you don't pay for their licence even if you tell them you don't watch the BBC at all. The British people should just boycott the license as a whole and watch the liberal leftist BBC crumble. Next thing the BBC will do is tell their viewers it's okay to attack white people and call us racist for calling out their disgusting crimes against our children. ………. well people the BBC are doing exactly that against the British people ( mostly against White's ) .why do we allow this evil BBC to get away with the bare face lies and biased view's. Grow some balls and fight these bastards. It's not racist to be frightened for the safety of our children so fuck the liberal leftist monsters.

    God bless Brexit ,Trump and the V4 etc, amen.

  24. pow1983 says:

    My view is to legalise cannabis. It can be taxed, and will help with population control

  25. omc says:

    Peter is not very bright is he?

  26. joe daly says:

    the worst drug of all weed??? go jump in a lake

  27. Muckan says:

    1:12 what like alcohol, tobacco, coffee, prescription drugs handed out like sweets……

  28. GAELMIC says:

    Molly is appalling, keeps interrupting. single minded and ignorant. Policies will never stop anything.

  29. Vin Seneb says:

    Peter Kitchens did nothing here, he was just his usual creepy and weird self.

  30. Paul Taylor says:

    The one subject I disagree with Peter Hitchens about.

  31. Ian Dropsyface says:

    Drug addicts should just be shot like dogs in the street. Burying them is cheaper than supplying a prison cell.

  32. William C says:

    Freedom to take drugs but no freedom of speach.

  33. Alex says:

    Speaking as an ex-drug user making “illegal” drugs legal is totally absurd and ridiculously foolish. It’s always people without personal experience of drug taking who think they know best – they know nothing, and are very foolish and dangerous people.

  34. Melmano says:

    Peter Hitchens is ABSOLUTELY retarded in this matter. Otherwise he has some good ideas.

  35. Simon Moore says:

    The problem is that the laws will NEVER be properly enforced, government all around the world have tried, and failed miserably. Banning something never works. Why people do not get this I will never understand.

    Also drug legalization is a capitalist cause, yes capitalist should support the legalization of drugs, it's incredibly bizarre, that the banning of drugs is a restriction, on the free market, that right wing people support, and it screams to me that they are not true capitalists.

    The fact of the matter is that you cannot call yourself a true capitalist and support the banning of drugs.

    Therefore the title of this video is wrong, leftists are not the only people who want to legalize drugs, so do TRUE capitalists. The real difference between the two is that leftists want government spending to support addicts, capitalist believe in self responsibility and do not.

  36. pjdiver3 says:

    Why do news shows put FOUR people on a panel? Too many voices competing to be heard

  37. Lord Joy says:

    Peter, the lesser Hitchens…

  38. Justin Pursey says:

    Of course drug addicts want it legalized its easier to get them

  39. Krzysztof Saa says:

    This is madness…. Western Europe is dying….

  40. Fleur De'Ath says:

    only 1 man talking sense it is wasn't that baldcuck LOL :')

  41. P J says:

    my brother died 3 years ago because of drugs he was 42 years of age. whether you legalise it or not the dangers will always predominantly put lives at risk long term addiction kills no matter what the purity of drugs they damage the internal organs as well as the psychological implications. we need too tactical drugs where they are supplied and not concentrate so much on prosecuting the addicts more like help them quit.

  42. Geoff M says:

    Peter gives a convincing argument about the dire & feeble approach that U.K. governments have adopted towards the enforcement of the law regarding drugs. Legalisation would open the floodgates to crime and a massive increase in mental health problems.

  43. Coolest Monkey In The Jungle says:

    4:44 Thot patrolled

  44. DarkEternal6 says:

    You don't need to legalise murder to tell people that if you stab someone enough times you could kill them.

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