Orwell Game – Gameplay Episode 2 A Place Where There Is No Darkness – Part 7 – Writing On The Wall

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Orwell Game Gameplay! We are Big Brother! In Orwell, we are a human researcher with access to everyone’s online communication in real time. Find the terrorist!
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Big Brother has arrived – and it’s you. Investigate the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of terror attacks. Information from the internet, personal communications and private files are all accessible to you. But, be warned, the information you supply will have consequences…

Orwell is a new governmental security program that has the power to survey the online presence of every person in The Nation. It can monitor all personal communications and access any computer. To preserve the privacy of citizens, human researchers examine the data Orwell finds and decide which pieces of information should be passed on to the security forces, and which should be rejected.

Selected from thousands of candidates, you are Orwell’s first human researcher. And when a terror attack rocks the Nation’s capital city of Bonton, Orwell, and you, are immediately put to the test. Starting with a single person of interest, you’ll help the security forces build out and profile a network of potential culprits.

But are these people really terrorists? What does the information you reveal to Orwell say about them? What if you find out things about them that not even their loved ones know? What is the real price of maintaining the security that the Nation is yearning for?
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47 Responses

  1. C Bell says:

    The writing in this game is just…. terrible. I'm really baffled so many people seem to think this is engaging. The hand-holding, the juvenile way the writers seem to think politics and the world works. So much exposition. So much drivel… I don't get it.

    It's really frustrating because I really love the premise and the basic ideas of the UI and the gameplay are alright. It would really work so much better if the writing wasn't high-school creative writing class caliber. All I want to do is play a game with the exact same premise, and the same general gameplay, but with a narrative that is actually complex and has a certain amount of depth. Let us actually discover the story and the narrative on our own – that's the whole point of having a game like this right? Being able to search through social media, emails, forums, etc… But this game just hand-holds you through such a basic, typical, surface level plot. Not to mention the fact that every character writes like idiots. It's kind of hard to buy that XYZ characters are highly successful or insightful professionals when they write like a narcissistic 14 year old girl.

    It's almost like the dystopian element of this world is that everybody has become painfully stupid. Not just the caricatures of various archetypal political activists (which were hackneyed as fuck), but even the people you're supposed to be sympathetic to or impressed by. It just really bothers me when a game that is so heavily based around politics is written by people who have such naive and reductive understanding of what various political ideologies actually are. It's alright to have a couple of loud-mouthed no-nothings spouting off about what-have-you, because we all know that's a reality of politics in this era, but when every single character is this way then it's hard not to think the writing is just crap. If you're writing a game like this then at least go out there and try understand the beliefs and ideas that you'll be implanting in the various characters, so that those characters can appear realistic. But everything and everyone is a simplistic and offensively dumbed down caricature. It's hard to sit through.

  2. Holly Summers says:

    Dimefront… Nickelback… Get it?

  3. dj pope says:

    Hancock wasnt hostile in that statement in his post in the thought the post literally said it was hyperbole showing that freedom of speech is great and as long as that exact thing you used wasnt just taken from the post and used out of context that freedom of speech is still alive in the nation by using that from the post you proved his point……

  4. Daleylife says:

    What you struggle with near the end of this video, I did as well. My guess was wrong.

  5. This is name deal with it google says:

    6:28 The burns it hurts

  6. Vinegar Joe says:

    I am not sure if anyone posted it here, but these 2 pieces of information are indeed conflicting. The reason why the link to show the other doesn't work is that they are on the same page – therefore there is nor place to get redirected to. By watching this video I managed to solve which one is the correct one (and it has severe impact on the game). Just make sure you review the profiles of both Hancock and Nina, then you can decide where the 3rd demonstration took place.

  7. Adam Painter says:

    Man this game makes you feel like a real analyst lol!

  8. bestLetsplayer says:

    "your´re letsplays suck lol
    u should go and write poetry instead" – Youtube commenter xD

  9. nafsiammara says:

    Seems like Hancock actually fired Goldfels imagination for creating Thought…

    Sometimes the game doesn't seem to know what it's saying.

  10. Ethan Berkman says:

    I love the 1984 references. Cafe Chestnut. The Orwell quotes seen on websites imply the book exists in this world. I wonder if the people of the Nation get the references as well.

  11. HDANI HAYDESE says:

    In ep6 the Angelica is some sought of relation to Hancock and is the reason for two medical insurances; one for her

  12. towi Torsten Will says:

    Watching you clicking around: I am quite sure the new items you didn't drag over left and did not disable show the small list icon on the right in the overview. Conflicts are shown as unknown as long you didn't publish the other item. So, when two conflicting items are on the same page they are shown both as unknown conflicts.

  13. Renjestoo says:

    Well, Juliet likes the Chestnut Cafe, the place where the meetings are being held for "Thought". Maybe thats a clue ? you can check the photo's on top on her timeline

  14. Melbuser30 says:

    What detracts from my enjoyment of this game is the slightly unidiomatic English in many places, especially the telephone conversations and blog dialogue. I don't think the text was written by a native speaker.

  15. rgentbuilders says:

    Nina = Juliet ?

  16. Anders Malmström says:

    Dimefront = Nickelback? 🙂

  17. Ze Great Pumpkinani says:

    THE BLUE MARKER MEANS CHUNKS, You need to go back and either upload or disable everything you skipped

  18. PsychoFish64 says:

    your video sucks – you should write poetry instead 😉

  19. LordDarkhelm says:

    Use the account links on the blogs. Their names.

  20. Tokoshoran Lansh says:

    "Hancock" had plans to invade, but Juliet is still the one to have organized it. Planning to invade doesn't mean organizing anything. You can invade by another's plans.
    Additionally, I feel Hancock was not serious when he said the government was full of ass-kissing people. He says right afterwards that it's about the beauty of being able to say anything you want, regardless of whether or not you agree.

  21. Will Ferrous says:

    "Dimefront", lol.

  22. Izeer PMV's says:

    So there were two ideas for first protest, one from hancock, and one from nina. Check Hancock's blog, there's one line which says that it will be a surprise, where their protest will start, but he got idea from someone. You can assume he changed his mind and they planned the protest in Mall.

  23. Ruj160 says:

    Hancock somehow reminds me of Tyler Durden from Fight Club

  24. MJTobak says:

    Chris if there's a blue symbol next to a link then there are datachunks which you haven't uploaded yet so maybe that is why you don't get anything new

  25. Garr_Inc says:

    Datachunks about Harisson planning and Nina planning ARE conflicting with each other. It's just glitchy.
    You should also consider what Hancock said about Thought's first demo on his Wall of Text.

  26. Z R says:

    check and upload all blue squares on the right… You see Metamorphisis with the conflict your talking about has a blue square.. if you scroll down, you see like 4-5 more blue squares.. chunks you have yet to upload…

    that will solve your "stuck/bug/2 similar but not conflicting yellow chunks" error

  27. Amina Sihati says:

    When you see a blue square near any title , it means there is some blue information you didn't upload it so that why the conflict did not show to you . I hope that is helpful

  28. Corey Draper says:

    Nina is obviously cassandra her and hancock wanted Thought to be a rebellious group who bomb and fight the government. But hancock only wanted the fame and cassandra was the one who planted the bombs and hacked the website. Thats my opinion anyway lol.

  29. ZimbolicalMayhem says:

    Nina might have taken the class, check the class list for a nina

  30. Alexandra Wolf says:

    The smoking gun is concerned1 (Nina) commenting on the "Thought must change direction" entry. She says "it was messy, I know, all the way back to the thing I messed up organising". "All the way back" implies it was in the early stages of Thought, i.e. the first protest was at a mall, organised by Nina.

    We already know that Hancock got to do his protest at Stelligan eventually, so it seems like they sort of took turns deciding where to have their "experiments", as Abe called them. Hancock's idea was Stelligan, Juliet's idea was Freedom Plaza, and Nina's idea was the mall. The confusion over who actually ORGANISED the protests is a red herring, they all helped each other out (you can't organise a big protest on your own. Thus we can infer that Hancock didn't organise a government building protest, Abe just let other people have their turn whilst waiting for a good moment to do Hancock's Stelligan protest, since that was Hancock's years-old plan

  31. caboard27 says:

    Loving this series so much I bought the game to play myself! Can't wait to see what you did for the end of Episode 2… I'm thinking a lot about how the way events play out (based on what you upload to Orwell) might affect the future of the entire Orwell program, since in the game you're acting as a test case. Is it better to use this surveillance state tool to prevent a minor attack, or sabotage the efforts you're part of in order to create a freer society?

  32. Bluephoenix400 says:

    Doesn't Nina's/concerned1's comment at 21:14 seem extremely similar to something someone else said in one of the other episodes? Like how it was just a cop that got hurt and that they had messed something up in the past?

    What I am trying to get at here is that it might be a possibility that Nina is just another alias for an already known person. Also, of all the members that we know so far Nina has only used her "real" name once and that wasn't even on the Thought blog and otherwise goes by concerned1, she also hasn't been found on any of the other member's timelines (except for the one that she revealed her name in) whereas pretty much everyone else has been pretty communicative (excluding goldfels).

    This is just a theory, but I still think that it's possible since her comment at 21:14 seems to closely resemble what someone else said in another episode.

  33. ColAbernathy says:

    It looks like all available datachunks are listed on the right hand side of the Bookmarks page. Might be worth checking those out.

  34. Dr Takedown says:

    Gotta disagree with your decision on Hancock's "position" on the govt. (That said, I made the wrong pick too, just in the opposite direction.) He went from "Disagree" to "burn them" to "yeah, they're alright (sorta)." Makes me feel like he just disagrees with them. Also, he's clearly very bad at planning.

  35. TheCommunistGamer says:


    Don't forget that the two "conflicting" data chunks were talking about two completely different things. One was about border control, and the other one was about mass domestic surveillance.

  36. Nathan Ormbrek says:

    You missed hancock's profile on the Thought blog. @23:27

  37. Matthew Johnston says:

    In the bookmarks there are file markers on the far right that I THINK mean a data chunk. You also have not looked at Harrison's profile on The Thought blog, and Nina said she 'messed up organizing something' and prior to that had suggested the mall. Maybe she organized a protest at the mall, something happened?

  38. Matthew Johnston says:

    Dimefront = Nickelback. Nice.

  39. Robert Prewitt says:

    I wonder if George Orwell ever predicted that cries of censorship would be abused. Did he not get past the idea that censorship itself would be prone to abuse?

  40. Andy Q says:

    I'd upload Nina's plan. A crowded mall seems like it would send more of a message to bomb than the government building. Also, the mall is a much more specific location than a "government building."

  41. Alan C says:

    They are definitely conflicting datachunks, I played it myself. Must be a glitch.

  42. Lucy Saracen says:

    Please, Chris! Go back through all of your remaining links, as shown by the little blue symbols on the left of the articles before you make any more decisions! If you are certain one is absolutely false, disable it. One you've definitely missed is the relationship between Julie and Harrison is most certainly broken up, no doubt. Just look at the way they spoke to one another on the phone call- Julie reluctantly, and Harrison aggravating and arrogant about her 'return'. So clear. Add the data chunk.

  43. Jose Davila says:

    i think theres stuff in the listener conversations between harrison and juliet that you didnt add in. might wanna check that again.

  44. Andrew Luth says:

    These points don't necessarily conflict with each other. Harrison planned for the first protest to be at a government building, and Nina planned for it to be at a mall. There are probably chunks elsewhere where each contradicts the position they support here.

  45. ; rm -r /* says:

    Those 2 are definitely conflicting, I have no idea why it's not showing up

  46. Aculem says:

    Hey Odd, I think those blue icons you see in the reader is an indicator that there's still datachunks to be uploaded in that article. They might give you some more insight into the unknown conflicts.

  47. Jaskhha says:

    i think you shoud check the link inside catharssis post on the blog. it leads to another archived post that may have some interesting comments. btw great game, thanks for bringing it to us Chris!!

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