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Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan stars in ON CHESIL BEACH, based on Ian McEwan’s bestseller.
Watch the official trailer.

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31 Responses

  1. ネガル says:

    Bad movie!

  2. Aniss Laidouci says:

    I might watch this.

  3. Diary Of Vantryst says:

    Amazing movie. Wife didn't like I loved it.

  4. Frangous Mangoes says:

    My friend is in this movie one of the twins

  5. Fi Gosali says:

    A bitter sweet film… I don't think you can find, nowadays, two people who are separated for 45 years yet still in love with each other. When pride gets in the way. Sad ending.

  6. Feisal Ajaj says:

    I started loving her when i first saw her in "the way back"

  7. johnny blaze says:

    So, do they fuck at the end or not?

  8. M.L. Soll says:

    This story works much better in the book but the movie was lovely still

  9. ronnie mori says:

    …is that Qyburn?

  10. movies Lifewith says:


    映画情報「Life with movies」編集部公式サイト

  11. Kaung Sithu sett says:

    I would KILL to see Saorise Ronan play 18 y.o. Briony Tallis in a redux/remake of Atonement, who else feels this way?

  12. Geralt Of Rivia says:

    это скрываемая правда о том, до чего докатилась Европа со своей гейпропагандой и фричайлдами. Нынче психологи признают, что много молодых людей не видят прелести в интимных отношениях. Для них они отталкивающи и неприятны.
    Ученые умы кричали о гипернаселенности Земли, вот вам и первые плоды "идеальных решений" для нерешаемой задачки.

  13. ternitamas says:

    it started off as "oh my god this is yet another romantic movie…" but then had a twist I'm kinda hooked to watch it now…

  14. Linda I.F. says:

    This movie broke my heart. the ending just blew my mind away. i cried so hard. this movie is a good reminder of why we should never let argues and issues set us apart. because sometimes we really can regret it for the rest of our lives. if you love them and its real love, don't give up on it!

  15. Camilla Muzi says:

    When it will be released in Italy?

  16. John Smith says:

    Oh. Rich white wanker problems …. I don't need to waste my time on this. Hey, your marriage isn't working, SEPERATE. Oh but wait, you limeys just LOVE being miserable, right? There are people out there with REAL problems. Oh, but the refugees who are fleeing from the bomb dropped by these 'civilized' folk are just 'economic immigrants', right?

  17. AngelLestat2 says:

    I love this actress, but the kind of movies she does are very boring for me. I am not a fan of drama.

  18. Sumaya Paruk says:

    Location shots are stunning

  19. Ryan Fajardo says:

    It is way more heartbreaking than ATONEMENT. Another masterpiece by Ian!

  20. Fun Aholic says:

    just seen this movie…its depressing

  21. H h says:

    I don't understand what it is talking about ?

  22. Ian Rosing says:

    What in the world is Qyburn doing?

  23. john smith says:


  24. hovevei tsion says:

    frustrating and heartbreaking tale

  25. Tom KO says:

    Saoirse lookin bear peng in dis you get me

  26. Joana Monteiro says:

    Sairose Ronan, you are amazingly talented. One of the best actresses there is right now.

  27. TęsknotaAntrykota says:

    who would come to a cinema to watch a movie about copulation between a match? stupidity .

  28. Ted dibiasi says:

    people in those days, much like today's english, had very bad yellow or brown or missing teeth!
    i propose we adhere to historic realty when making such movies!
    it would have made this movie far more romantic you see!

  29. Nicholas Crouse says:

    Watching this after seeing the seagull is…confusing haha

  30. Everyday Kathlena says:

    I read this book years ago, I'm surprised they made a movie about it. The book was sad and awkward for the couple. It didn't end the way i would have expected it to.

  31. christian thegamer14 says:

    where can i buy the book pls i live in malta

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