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BIOGRAPHY OF A DETERMINED MAN reveals the compelling story of Nick Vujicic. From his childhood in Australia to his initial speaking engagements, witness Nick’s long journey to understand himself and his place in this world. With multiple turning points and cycles of despair and glory, Nick learns how to rise above his circumstances and prevail.
Featuring intriguing footage with family, friends, and dignitaries, as well as a sneak peek behind the scenes of his acting debut in “The Butterfly Circus,” BIOGRAPHY OF A DETERMINED MAN chronicles the poignant life story of Nick Vujicic fighting the odds with an uncompromising shield of hope.

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24 Responses

  1. RAWAT says:

    change my whole life

  2. RAWAT says:

    thank u

  3. RAWAT says:

    i have lots of vdo of u.

  4. RAWAT says:

    u r more than god.

  5. Vishnu VC says:


  6. Joe Nachar says:

    Dear Nick, thank you for changing my life, may God continue to hold you in the palm of his hand, god bless you. Love Joey

  7. Life Without Limbs says:

    Thank you for sharing! God bless you!

  8. Life Without Limbs says:

    God bless you Sam!

  9. thenewgate1 says:

    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase what`s the soundtrack?

  10. Dzung Dao Anh says:

    Thanks for coming to Vietnam. We're all love you ! God bless you !
    Please come back one day !!!

  11. Sam Cassidy says:

    Wow, wow, wow, makes me want to get off me butt and achieve some of the things i want to do in this life 🙂 Such an inspirational man.

  12. MrFunnyvids27 says:

    Awesome. Inspirational.

  13. FRAZA JOHN says:

    This man is truely inspiring. Shame on the Haters

  14. llGAMESandTRAILERSll says:

    Real Serb.. Dont have nothing, but he is happy..

  15. MsFreedom2fly says:

    oh God Bless you!!

  16. Multi GameLo says:


  17. Bikal Basnet says:

    Why do you want to sell his life biography and earn money?

  18. Little Lady Bird says:

    just watching the trailers makes me think about a lot of things… o.o and realize everything else.

  19. Bright Smile Ramos Dental Clinic says:

    You are awesome Nick

  20. Melody Hu says:

    chinese version?

  21. Joao Afonso says:

    man when I'm happy hope you're happier

  22. Mish10w Playz says:

    I too was inspired by Nick's passion, he's truly unique and inspirational. As a follower & a photographer, I hope one day I can attend his motivational speeches and take a picture of him in action. that said, it has been part of photographer's bucket list. More power on your works and May God bless you always!

  23. Turki Hakami says:

    first video I saw it with 0 dislikes

  24. Violet3737 says:

    Nick is an individual who has not allowed his challenges define who he is and I draw inspiration from his example. I have had serious diagnosis from the doctor but Nick has inspired me. I too will not let myself be defined by any ailment. Thank you, Nick for opening my eyes. Thank you for encouraging me to not sulk in a pity party but to rise and be who God has called me to be. Thank you for your courage and your leadership. Thank you.

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