*NEW* Walmart’s Best or Worse? YuGiOh Power Cube Opening / Review! SO MUCH BULK CARDS!

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34 Responses

  1. williamhowe1 says:

    If this was a cosmic cube I'd buy the whole lot of them.

  2. Anthony Flanders says:

    Not really worth it

  3. Mohamad Jamil says:

    fuck xyz and the session 5 cards
    the best is the session 1 to 3 cards

  4. MC_ & Sabi says:

    Hey Jobber, I’m contacting you to see if you would be interested in buying a Pokémon TCG collection. Potentially good investment with a psa collection, Pokémon gold stars, skyridge and aquapolis foils, full art trainers, secret rares. Might also make for a good “one-off” video. Let me know

  5. BlueEyesWhiteBoi says:

    whoa…i lost all my money watching these

  6. CasualCollector says:

    you are the only person i need for my yugioh fix

  7. Kallum Allen says:

    Make your own starter kit include a deck

  8. C Maldo says:

    You should make a booster box for yugioh I would buy it

  9. Nick the juggie Beast says:

    awsome vids glad too see ya back makin vids

  10. ChanceTime says:

    Best thing I saw from Walmart was the holiday edition mystery box but even those weren't worth it although they were cool.

  11. AverageGamerJB says:

    They are alright. I mean, they are the same as the random 25 cards with 1 random rare. They aren't horrible but if you just want a bunch of random cards, these are where you go.

  12. houston douglas says:

    I love the thumbnail

  13. Daniel Whitt says:

    Cube KRACK N

  14. SOG Big Boss says:

    I was gonna get one tonight saw the yugis world in it and and IOC but saw it was $20 and dumped it. My buddy packed an original evenly matched from circuit break and got a blue eyes keychain. That's about it. If it wasnt for that he'd spend 40 bucks on crap

  15. DarkArmedDuelist says:

    Those are so not worth the price

  16. Drinkin Buddy says:

    Very nice intro my dude

  17. vuhsace highrolla says:

    They need to make another one of those mystery boxes they’re more interesting to open

  18. JRBjobber says:

    Like this comment if you feel this cube was a waste of money

  19. JRBjobber says:

    Like this comment if you liked the cube

  20. terry johnson says:

    This is not worth 20 dollars. The best thing Walmart has had was the 30 packs for $20.

  21. Zach M says:

    These are worth $9.99

  22. Ronan Gray says:

    These seem good for closed draft, one of these and you have to build a deck round it

  23. Lorki says:

    LMAO! not even worth it bro…

  24. WolfTheDemon says:

    Hi Jobber, I was wondering if you check offers on your cards you have listed on eBay or not. I sent an offer towards your HL Red Gadgets, and would like an answer. Thanks.

  25. Martin Paladino says:

    Misprint book of secret arts tho.

  26. Cuauhtemoc Gonzales says:

    Wait a moment most of those commons in the first cube was the Legendary Dragon Deck Odd-eyes

  27. Josh Thao says:

    brought some last month i got nothing in the cube 🙁

  28. TheSaberKing says:

    have you considered making a video of your own personal collection of yugioh?

  29. lightenddragon100 says:

    My Wal-Mart has about 20 of these on their shelf now I know to stay away. I bought legendary collection 1 and pulled a tri horned dragon and a rare pot of greed

  30. Mark Cameron says:

    My Wal-Mart doesn't have crap for a selection

  31. Tim Ashby Jr says:

    Looks like something youd buy at a yardsale

  32. Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel says:

    If it can't be the best then it can only be the worst right?

  33. ivan smith says:


  34. Tim Ashby Jr says:


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