Net English Literature

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Students preparing for Ugc Net in English Literature June 2014 along with different state Set exams and PhD entrances must start their preparation as early as possible and get proper guidance ….visit my website In person classes starting from 6th January …..those who r not in a position to join may get in touch through my whatsap for guidance and get my study material which is exclusively made with my experience of teaching Net since 2001….08400439635….Dr Agrawal

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  1. Virendra Singh says:

    may i get the roll no.of all qualified students and their admission records which can prove that they were your students….. moreover what is your expertise ..means you teach net English literature ,I.A.S. english literature,m.a. english ,cret english….is it that you teach everything because you hv no specialty as an expert of a particular exam…how many times you have qualified net…answer with roll no. …in delhi global  teachers academy has a professor who has qualified 4 time net and 2 time jrf with many set qualifications…..i am not against your earnings..earn…but dont lie that this or that no.of students have qualified

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