My ENTIRE Blu-Ray Collection 2019

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Hi guys welcome to the video. I do hope you enjoy. If you do enjoy the video it would be great if you could leave a massive like on the video and post a comment to show your support and thoughts about this video. Stay awesome!

What’s my channel all about?

My YouTube channel “Bluraymadness” is a channel i created in 2012. The main theme and topic on the channel is movies and tv shows. Movies and Tv Shows are a massive interest to me and i created this channel to give me a place to voice my opinions and find people just like me to talk to. I collect movies on Dvd, Blu-Ray and 4K UHD. I create videos showing movies i buy and add to my movie collection while giving a short review or thoughts about the movie. I also make top 5 or top 10 videos around various topics. I also unbox movies i buy to show what’s inside or how nice an edition is like a steelbook or collector’s edition.

All clips, images and Music used in this video were used ONLY as a means to review and criticize and should be considered as FAIR USE, under the Copyright act.
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2 Responses

  1. leeroygreene85 says:

    Top collection video! That’s a sweet butch cassidy slipcover where did you get it from? Also I wasn’t sure does kingdom of heaven have a slipcase?

  2. DennisK1979 aka. TheBluCorner says:

    Alright Guys 😉

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