my debut novel! title! preorders! hooray!

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thank you guys so much for your support, as always. if you had told younger me that i’d have a book deal with penguin at age twenty-one, i would have…peed myself. probably. i don’t know. point is, i would have been ecstatic. this is all very much a dream come true. thank you, a million times. x

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22 Responses

  1. Sophie says:

    i feel like the narrative you've created will be structurally secure yet innovative, clean and comfortable. i'm really excited to read what you're hardworking brain has thought up!! love ur work sis

  2. daisywillcatchthesun says:

    i know this may be obvious to a lot of people but what is different between prose and poetry? (when she mentions is at 5:20)
    thanks a lot

  3. Shutthebeep says:

    You have good blowjob eyes

  4. Hazzee says:

    I came back to this video because I realised your book comes out on my birthday and that's probably the best birthday present I could ask for XD

  5. Tintey Flowers says:

    U r cool, just saw ur vid hi im a slut. V v good. I think I’ll buy ur book as well. V interesting n themes that i deal w myself

  6. Sophie E says:

    i pre-ordered right after watching this video. Your writing is beautiful and I can't wait to read it 🙂

  7. Olivia Maria says:

    how do you put the video in the coloured boxes?xx

  8. vgnhdhe says:

    Disgusting skunk

  9. Gabriela Newkirk says:

    you’re so precious aaaaaa

  10. paola paola says:

    How can you have had so many different looks and look so great and different in each of them??

  11. Jillian Jiggs says:

    So happy for you! Can't wait to read it!

  12. Just Another Artist says:


  13. max says:

    hi is anyone else sensing that “friendship” is code for : gay. gay . gay

  14. Penguin Books UK says:

    We're super excited for its release 🙂

  15. Kunal Roy says:


  16. Темная Материя says:

    I will preorder your book just because I want to support you so much! I'm not sure I will read it, couse my english not good and I live in Russia, but you are wonderfull person and I watching you quite long, so I'll do this!

  17. Alissa Jett says:

    Pre-ordered! Can't wait til February! 🙂

  18. zia asmara says:

    so happy for you sav!

  19. Christina Sophie says:

    sav!!! this sounds incredible. i've been inspired by your poetry/writing for years (part of the reason i upload my own is because of watching you do so) so cannot wait to read this novel. very proud of you!!

  20. mariana sandstad says:

    oh my god your novel sounds amazing! i'm definitely preordering it!!

  21. guccy boy says:

    preordered! i love it, the only author i support willingly!

  22. Nikoletta says:

    proud of you! <3

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