More Speed, Battery and Data with Opera Mini browser

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Top 3 Reasons to use Opera Mini browser:
#1 More Speed,
#2 More Battery Life,
#3 More Data.
Upgrade your browser!
Install Opera Mini.

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14 Responses

  1. AviRock Star says:

    How to get free subscriber Everyday???????

  2. Mmathapelo Chokwe says:


  3. Kerr Nk says:

    mark angel

  4. Sefu Shigut says:

    Hay firends

  5. Saikat Roy says:

    I am using Opera Mini latest version and I personally think its it's better than UC Mini.
    But I think the download manager should be upgraded but the app size (MB) should not be charged.

  6. cxxiv says:

    Many od sites is displaying on mobile mode and won't turn to computer mode. Many sites are completly unusable and hard to see some important text.

  7. Rayan Zegai says:

    pratique et simple

  8. khuram Shahzad says:


  9. Reza Purnama says:

    opera mini always crash this time

  10. Jonas Korsgaard says:

    When does Opera for Android get the new design and features Opera Mini has?

  11. Aron Mariano Vlogs says:

    0:21 doesn't she look like Melissa Benoist

  12. estereotipo 2 says:

    me encanta opera <3

  13. T-rex-shaped earth society says:

    if i turn off my smartphone when my smartphone play music in Youtube?

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