Moonraker – Boat Chase

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  1. Andrew Chapman says:

    Hmm, while it was great to hear the 007 theme again for the first time since Diamonds Are Forever, I've never really cared much for this particular arrangement compared to previous versions. Plus this is the only non-Connery film it was used. It's always felt more associated with Connery's Bond. Although having said that, it would be interesting if a future Bond film gave us a modern rendition as a tribute to the late John Barry.

  2. Jonathan copes says:

    Lol!The way Jaws facial expression was at 3:41

  3. trwent says:

    I'll bet Q was really thrilled about losing that boat !!

  4. Joker says:

    The last film to date where they used John Barry's "007 theme"

  5. KlunkerRider says:

    I dont get the hate this movie gets, its one of the better Roger Moore 007 movies, certainly better than what followed.


    jaws always chasing to bond !

  7. WaqarDepp says:

    RIP Roger Moore.

  8. DoughtyJ says:

    I hate the film but this scene is actually pretty enjoyable.


    gorge was loved with a small lady who met when the ropeway collapsed .


    I saw this movie 10 times when I was small !

  11. 1884 Breitling says:

    Just love jaws face expressions when he realizes he's about to go over the gulf !

  12. Philip Price says:

    Jaws face as he pulls the wheel off

  13. devzster says:

    jaws is too funny. ..

  14. Benny Kwok says:

    John Barry's music made this scene even more epic…

  15. George Dobbie says:

    John Barry oo7 theme only time it's used with Roger moor

  16. LUNATIC75 says:

    2:48 Roger Moore's signature double take. What a guy!

  17. Jack Jones says:

    Moonraker was the pinnacle of bad 80s Bond. Almost as campy as '67 TV Batman. Jaws started as some scary badass that killed you up close and personal and some how turned into Wiley Coyote. It's hilarious now (esp 03:41) but back then it was disappointing as hell.


    They showed this clip when Roger was on Good Morning America in 1979. This is a great film

  19. johnvannewhouse says:

    That helmet when he takes off to hang-glide MAY BE the single most UN-Bond-like thing in the entire film series… although I would be happy to consider alternate suggestions. BTW, that FUCKING boat was beautiful and he just happily drove it over a waterfall… kind of like the car he had in Spectre… fucker.

  20. Foxi! says:

    anyone knows the name of the song?

  21. Motoruven says:

    2:48 Bond just looks over his shoulder, doew a double take an is like "Not him again"

  22. CrassMufumbu says:

    All the Jaws "Death Scenes" always crack me up..its like an absurd cartoon, I love it.

  23. Ruben Saenz says:

    Drax is a combination of letters and sounds that spell Dark! Lol

  24. Honorable Cnote says:

    Can't believe I found this !

  25. 深沢賢一 says:

    Glastron CV23HT (少し涼みます)
    James Bond (Roger Moore) uses a Glastron Carlson CV23HT speedboat in the movie Moonraker (1979). HT stands for Hard Top. Only 300 of these hard top boats were built in 1978 and 1979, and only 3 of those were built with the custom painted silver metalflake gelcoat over gray (the 'normal' boats sold to the public had either metalflake blue or metalflake bronze color). 外出いってきます^^;パパたち。

  26. Serge Chaves says:

    Fun fact: This is the only Moore Bond film out of the 7 he did where Roger doesn't drive a car.  He drives a boat though.

  27. trk4782gh says:


  28. AlexWeston82 says:

    I think this is the last time 007 theme is used in a film. I think David Arnold should have used it in one of his bond films. Roger Moore is a litter bug the way he ditched his helmet

  29. Paul Riet says:

    2:40 lol somehow Jaws found a secret shortcut in this jungle to surprise attack Bond

  30. Big Chap says:

    And John Barry supplies a killer theme

  31. Big Chap says:

    My fav bond action scene. Richard Kiel an Roger kill it

  32. Erik Bergman says:

    Badass chase scene

  33. Flatlandmountaineer says:

    R.I.P Richard Kiel

  34. Nathan Blizzard says:

    RICHARD KIEL the best bond henchman R.I.P dear man thanks for some great moments

  35. Big Chap says:

    What a scene

  36. alexkrycek21 says:

    Brilliant scene. RIP Richard.

  37. jingthethief says:

    R I P

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