Mistborn: The Final Empire (Ch. 1-8) | Resonant Arc Book Club

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Today we’re discussing the first 8 chapters of Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. This is the first time I’ve read a Sanderson book, and so far, it’s really good!

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  1. ChocolateRob says:

    About the rarity of Mistborn. They are 'rare' for the nobility but not in the sense that you may only see one in your lifetime, that figure applies more to having a Skaa Mistborn. All Noble bloodlines have allomancy in them so Mistings are not uncommon and Mistborn do show up too but for the Skaa they should not have either Mistings or Mistborn. It only really happens if one of their parents is a noble but there are extremely strict laws, vehemently enforced, about siring halfbreed children.
    Luthadel is the center of the Final Empire, think of it as akin to London in the 1800s, all the noble families want to be there at the center of power and to be there is to have the resources to maintain your position. You can expect each of the major ten houses to have at least one Mistborn at their disposal and anywhere from a dozen Mistings up. It is possible for a house to have more than one Mistborn available to them but it is just as possible to not have any (though they would make you believe that they do as signs of weakness can cause your house to collapse). Smaller houses that have a Mistborn will undoubtedly use them as a way to get in good with a bigger house, there would be a whole system in place for using Mistborn to advance the interests of your family and the focus of where to deploy your Mistborn would be towards the center of the empire in Luthadel.
    As Mistborn/Mistings are 'only' available to nobility then a random street guard seeing someone leaping through the mists, propelled through the air, then he knows that this person is well beyond his authority, only if they are actively attacking whatever he is directly responsible for would they become his problem.
    Don't forget too that the plan is to start a house war, the noble Mistborn will be set against each other quietly in the night with the Skaa benefiting as the nobles winnow each other down.

  2. Chris Pole says:

    excited you are reading this unfortunately I chose to read The Stormlight archive first because it was explained to me Mistwalker was his series that subverts genres where as Stormlight archive is his stab at Pure High Fantasy. Which I felt if it can stand out and interest me I'll go back to mistwalker. I'm still hooked at book 3 of SA so it's working I just need to finish it and read final empire and come back here and see what you thought of it.

  3. Cowardly Lion says:

    The first book kinda sucks

  4. YaminoKaze says:

    Thanks for posting these to YouTube. I enjoy your content, but can’t get around to watching live. As a big fan of the series who’s shared it with multiple people, it’s always fascinating to see someone go through it.

    I am a bit disappointed that you’ll likely be moving on to something else before coming back to the rest of the series. While the first book functions well as a stand-alone, it sets up so many things that pay off in books 2 and 3.

    Also, I highly recommend The Stormlight Archive. Mistborn was my favorite series until I finished the first SA book. Both are great, but IMO, SA is peak Sanderson. The books are quite long, though (each one is about twice as long as a Mistborn book), and I’ll admit the first book took longer to grab me than Mistborn did.

    One final thing worth noting, I know it can’t replace the experience of reading it yourself, but the audiobook versions are excellent, as well. They are expensive, which is understandable given the length, so if anyone is going to try them, I highly recommend signing up for an Audible membership, even just for a month, to use credits instead.

  5. Saint Boot says:

    The first series is already out, the second series is a western sort and has 3 books now, and a final fourth book in the works. He then will do a modern series, and then a space opera series after that to finish the series in general off.

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