Mike Posner – Be As You Are

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Mike Posner At Night, Alone. May 6th, 2016
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Music video by Mike Posner performing Be As You Are. (C) 2015 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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32 Responses

  1. JoJo hanna says:

    Absolutely love this ♥ Thank you Mike!

  2. honey Choudhary says:

    This is not the original video

  3. Eduardo Silva says:

    i feel that

  4. Abraham Jacob says:

    I am just imagining the Indian guy with the beard in the set

  5. lavuntecolquitt says:

    My boy only gets better with time. dopeness

  6. Lottie Jean Peachtree says:

    This song & lyric haunt me….

  7. Lydia Marie Spicer says:

    I really your musc all the women u sw were ngel i mevil one and im not changing qnd they are where belong Imdittime to leavecjbd7yjtmmswwdbd i relly lovw yoyr music gu itbogsinh

  8. J3J3_ Z3r0 says:

    it's a green screen otherwise the hair of people with long hair would be cought in the wind

  9. Farrel Aresa says:

    desereves more views

  10. Tash Moroney says:

    F*** yeah

  11. pamitha pahanjith says:

    This song should get more views

  12. Ben Q says:

    Passenger? Haha sounds Like him.

  13. Farhan Khurshid says:

    Mike is very talented !
    He deserves more view than he get .

  14. Debbie Rivera says:

    My beloved son, i love you and i always understand! I will always welcome and miss you. Be safe my son! God Bless You❣ xxoo

  15. Debbie Rivera says:


  16. Imre Bodnár says:


  17. duhits Denzel says:

    im expired i love this song when i get bullied or get sad

  18. F i g u r a t i v e l y says:

    I love this. So inspiring- My school is the BEST thing that's ever happened to me. Even then, some catty, horrible jerk always has to remind me that there's something wrong with who I am- Be it hairy arms, a big nose, klutziness, ect, there's ALWAYS someway they find to hurt me. But then there's this song, reminding me I shouldn't care. That there's as much good in me as there are my mistakes, and that I'm fine how I am. Thank you, Mike posner!

  19. Lilly Fail says:

    The guy with the Tattoos looks just like Leo DiCaprio. Look at his face. It's freakin' similar :0 omg

  20. Natalie Carpenter says:

    i really feel like Mike Posner just needs a hug… poor guy. Mike if you need a hug come find me! :p

  21. Andrea Moscoso says:

    Love this!!

  22. Étienne Paquet says:

    WOW listen it x1.5 and it's powerful

  23. Nuclian says:

    at 1.25 speed it's amazing

  24. Cami says:

    why this song don't have millions of views and thousands of likes??
    I don't undertand why this song isn't famous!

  25. Gustavo Alamilla says:

    Leonardo D'Caprio on Steroids

  26. Ankit Sahu says:

    love ur song Mike….. u deep songs. keep working n love u

  27. AkhilWare ! says:

    who else got goosebumps while listening to this ?

  28. RESPECT WAMEN says:

    who all cried after watching this.!??

  29. Wadu Hek says:

    After seeing the draw my life videos, these songs are little easy to understand from his point of view.

  30. shanker bk says:

    best sing alive #appricate it from #india 2017

  31. Abigail Ruth says:

    I love his voice and this song is amazing!

  32. Abhee says:

    this song is gonna stay for decades to come

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