Michael Jackson – King of Pop | Mini Bio | Biography

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“King of Pop” Michael Jackson topped the charts and the tabloids like no other pop star before him. Check out a summary of his decades in the spotlight with this mini biography. #Biography
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Michael Jackson – King of Pop | Mini Bio | Biography

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16 Responses

  1. Kasha Taylor says:

    I wish he wouldn't change his,face he was,too cute

  2. Koreh Lawson says:

    I love best of joy and a lot of his songs

  3. Tricia Brown says:

    my favorite MICHEL JACKSON song is HUMAN NATURE

  4. Collins Darkwa says:

    Very interesting

  5. it's BatMan Bro! says:

    He had vitiligo

  6. Trevor Williams says:

    Why are there sooooo many innacuracies, don't these people fact check

  7. Mariah Boney says:

    rip mj my king of pop

  8. Tommmyyy says:

    Rip Michael the King

  9. L says:

    these bios are great

  10. Q Smooth says:

    The king will live on forever long live Mj rip to my idol that inspired me to do everything that I do we miss you and we love you

  11. Cristal Ramirez says:

    I love you M.J I hope you had a great life while it lasted rest in pease M.J

  12. Grace Obregon says:

    rip michael jackson

  13. Denmoza says:

    Did anyone no that he had a Afro ?

  14. Laura Espinoza Moreno says:

    Michael Jackson was a great and inspiration to all performers, I wish all people on the earth would know him.

  15. That Jackson Girl Is Bad says:

    He's my first inspiration! I love you MJ. Rest In Peace, King Of Music

  16. Who dat? says:

    this dude was cool

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