Me, I’m Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

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An excerpt from the 1978 Alan Bennett tv play in which Bernard plays a night school teacher.

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7 Responses

  1. Needle Factory says:

    Im here because of Morrissey

  2. bradshawvincent says:

    can you upload it onto youtube?? please!

  3. highgatetunnel says:

    I have the whole of this play recorded from C4 circa 1984 although it was made in 1978 by LWT. It was part of a series of 6 and was probably the best

  4. grai says:

    I'd KILL to see this again

  5. LoofyBoy says:

    They chucked lots of stuff out, but they would have kept these. It's probably the contract where everyone gets paid again that's stopping them. They've given it all to Jonathan Ross.

  6. Oliver Crocker says:

    Great performance Bernard!

  7. LoofyBoy says:

    Vic – Sadly, I only kept the scene I was in. Probably because of the cost of tape way back then (and some stupidity).
    Glad you enjoyed it.

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