Maya Angelou’s Perspective (CBS News)

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Harry Smith speaks with award-winning poet Maya Angelou about the state of the world today and discusses a new book that introduces her poems to children called “Poetry For Young People.” (

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28 Responses

  1. B says:

    Always makes me happy and i laugh out loud. <3

  2. citizenintime says:

    Maya Angelou is an overrated hack.

  3. Mark Smith says:

    I love everything about Dr. Angelou. Her voice, her appearance,personality, everything. A very strong and inspiring black lady.

  4. says:

    this interviewer is AN ASSHOLE !! what a pretentious ASS HOLE " thats the title of a poem empty noose , dont you think ? " what a fucking IDIOT !!!! her ? i love her !

  5. LilNaruto9tails says:

    1 person will be smithed by Maya's words!

  6. Rebecca Louise says:

    I loooooooooooove her voice!

  7. robbooey says:

    Do she bite?

  8. Monica M says:

    @MrTejano–Thanks! I appreciate understanding…

  9. lizzybear4 says:

    She is so brilliant-full of love-so much, I'm grateful 🙂 Thank you Maya

  10. lizzybear4 says:

    She is so brilliant-full of love-so much, I'm grateful 🙂 Thank you Maya

  11. Monica M says:

    I truly am saddened by ignorant viewers choosing to negatively comment on her–her appearance at that! The self hate you must exhibit is astounding. Learn to love yourself. Then you won't feel the need to hate on beautiful people.

  12. DirtyMekanic says:

    God Bless Maya Angelou. She's touches my heart every time she speaks.

  13. hellokittycutie2003 says:

    *random thought* I LOVE the decor in that room…very earthy and calming. Back on topic, lol, I love Maya…such wisdom and such a beautiful soul. Just looking at her, my heart warms and becomes calm.

  14. MrILLMINDED says:

    hi im maya angelou and i wanna talk to you LMAO!

  15. Delilah Mela says:

    there is no one better than a poet such as her. She began my love for poetry in eight grade

  16. kennylondon123 says:

    You sounded just like Sarah Palin !!

    Not so intelligent huh ?? Now dig a hole and jump in it !!

  17. Jae Hill says:

    what a wonderful woman

  18. poeticjournalism says:

    Maya Angelou = GOD. Simply GOD.

  19. Maggie Jones says:

    She should have run for president! But Obama's a pretty good substitute!

  20. Neeshpeesh123 says:

    She is the epitome of wisdom. Shes just brilliant! love her love it love it!!

  21. VMAN851 says:

    because she reminds me of m grandmother so full of wisdom and when ver you see her you can't do anything but smile

  22. VMAN851 says:

    it always makes me wanna cry when i see her

  23. dvora swickle says:

    I would love to meet her too. dvora swickle

  24. Wade Longan says:

    What a wise woman…

  25. Jordan Durell says:

    I ran into her once on an elevator in San Francisco, I told her I remembered her from talk radio way back in the late sixties,and that I enjoyed her so much then. She replied, "that certainly does date both of us" She is everything you would expect and more.

  26. Chelsea Broadway says:

    shes such an inspiration..

  27. octoberapple says:

    so wonderful.

  28. gallomex13 says:

    I love this lady's laugh its heart warming.

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