Maya Angelou “Love Liberates” Courtesy of Own

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“Love Liberates”
Lessons to live by from Maya Angelou’s grandmother lived out by Maya Angelou and gifted to all of us through the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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13 Responses

  1. Shawn Marie H says:

    The world is less without her. How I miss her wise voice. ❤️

  2. Diana Troncoso says:

    I don't believe in putting people down.

  3. Faith Payton says:


  4. Mbus Mbock says:

    l have had moments in my life that only great deep reflection from Maya could take me out of the dungeon of thoughts to the platform of fresh, new,big realities. Maya must have been working just for me. l love Maya Angelou, and all she incarnates. Sadly true, my heroine does not, has never heard of me. l am so happy l could read the works of a 20th Century Plato;, I am happy l could hear from a 20th century Shakespeare, l am happy l did partake in digesting the menu from a 20th century Charles Dickson. l happy l knew Maya Angelou but Maya didn't know me. Maya Forever.

  5. ericmarty brady says:


  6. Imanuwela David says:

    Thanks for the great words by maya we love you may your soul rest in eternal peace.

  7. Mirjam de kluijver says:

    I think that you are LOVE, you are LIBERTY, You are LIGHT, YOU'RE AN ANGEL! Thank you for sharing this magnificant message all over the world and in my life!

  8. irma pena says:

    Love Maya!

  9. Peace Now says:

    Thank you

  10. Carol Durante says:

    Such an amazing woman!  

  11. Philomène Schoemans says:


  12. Fabi Banifatemi says:

    What an angel. Thank you for all your teachings.

  13. Rose Marie Hough says:

    Thank you Maya Angelou.

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