Master The Classics: Last Word

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The Last Word was created at the Detroit Athletic Club in the early 1920’s and was so loved by Vaudville performer Frank Fogerty (also known as The Dublin Minstrel) that he spread it far afield which lead to the drink’s popularity. The Cocktail remained popular for a few decades and was first published in Ted Saucier’s “Bottom’s Up” in 1951, and then it slowly sank into obscurity.

Then in 2005 a bartender by the name of Murray Stenson found it in Saucier’s book and tried it out. He liked it so much that he put it on the menu at the Zig-Zag Cafe in Seattle. People loved the drink so much, it eventually spread to New York City and found itself on the menu at the Pegu Club and the rest is history. Took me a while to get to this one but glad I finally did, hope you guys enjoy.

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Here’s The Specs:

.75oz (22.5ml) Gin
.75oz (22.5ml) Green Chartruse
.75oz (22.5ml) Lime Juice
.75oz (22.5ml) Maraschino Liqueur

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30 Responses

  1. Justin Williams says:

    Love this drink. Try it with absinthe instead of chartreuse. Same amount, just a direct swap. Don't know if there is a name for this variant, but it is good.

  2. jack zapsalis says:

    very happy about the four pillars representation

  3. Jaspal Roopra says:

    Great content as usual. Do you think you'll do something on fat washing or infusions in the future?

  4. Kingman Brewski says:

    Speaking of clubs, can you make a video on the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club cocktail? I was inspired to make my own falernum liqueur after your Strange Brew video and god damn I'm so glad that I did because it's delicious! I'd love to hear your take on it. I love a regular old daquiri so this was a real treat to discover because I'd never heard of it before

  5. rockthebuilder says:

    Hey Educated Barfly, I have a video request – how about a video describing form and technique of shaking? I've noticed there are subtle variations in form, and was hoping for some pointers so that I can look less like a frog caught in a bush when I do it.

  6. James Burtton says:

    This is wrong. It's 1oz lime, 1oz, gin, 1oz Maraschino, 1oz Chartreuse. Because the only thing better than a Last Word is more Last Word.

  7. Seeker296 says:

    Good shit. Looks like the next big cocktail channel. Just don't sellout when you get famous 😉

  8. ursonate says:

    Now you have to do all the variations 😉

  9. Darwin's Beer Reviews says:

    My favorite cocktail. Surprised when this came up on my feed that you had not done this before.

  10. Ryan Roehrig says:

    What is the difference between yellow chartreuse vs green? Or are they the same? Thanks!

  11. Michael Godek says:

    Not sure where to put this…just had a visit to Denver and (after not being able to get into Death & Co) I ventured to American Bonded. They had a drink called Menta Ship made with Branca Menta. Would love to see that drink on here. It was delicious

  12. Constantine Scortis says:

    Leandro, you shall henceforth be known as "The Los Angeles Minstrel". It has a nice ring to it

  13. greasyindiekid says:

    Hey Leandro why do you blur out the shaking of the cocktails? I feel like it's an important part of making a cocktail.

  14. Daniel Klang says:

    Just bought chartreuse like 3 days ago so perfect timing! Great video as always!

    This channel is the perfect mix of history and great drinks!

  15. c r says:

    What is "LimeS Juice"? 😉 did you get the message i sent with the vintage cocktail reference book links?

  16. The World Gamers says:

    I don’t know how often you take viewer requests but I’d like to see a more professional take on a “Pretty Tony”

  17. Matthew Boston says:

    My second favorite cocktail. I gotta try it with the overproof gin next time!

  18. Alan Ali-Zwart says:

    Four Pillars! 3000 represent!

  19. paulgary911 says:

    Love your videos! I'm just starting out as a cocktail nerd and your tutorials are very much helping me along the way.
    I have a question about dilution that I was hoping you could help me out with. In this cocktail there is 3 oz of liquid and in the glass your wash line is very close to the top. What's the size of that nick and nora glass? If its around 5 oz, does that mean you are adding 2 oz of water to the cocktail? At home i never seem to fill the glass as much as you. Should i shake longer, or use smaller glasses?

  20. BeardedDanishViking says:

    When I hear "Navy strength" as a term for alcohol, I can't help but think that it is suitable as fuel as well as a drink. xD

  21. Aaron Copperberg says:

    I’m not sure how I got started on it, but a small sprig of rosemary in a larger coupe glass kills it as an additional garnish. To the point, I never drink a last word without it anymore.

  22. Endless Waltz says:

    No comment…you had the last word.

  23. Toby Hodges says:

    How did I do that…

  24. pb4life55 says:

    Where did u get your nick and nora glass?

  25. Tim Getscher says:

    My long time favorite cocktail – happy to finally see it here!

  26. 0ctopi3 says:

    Is the cherry a traditional garnish for a last word?
    I have only seen manicured lime peel garnishes.

  27. Rafael Nardi says:

    My favourite cocktail!

  28. blanco bianco says:

    Uhm. You didn‘t forget anything in this video, which makes it somehow a premier haha

  29. Peace and Love says:

    In the begging I used to think Leandro was a huge douchebag. But now I can’t get enough of him. Great content, great channel.

  30. secondakira says:

    Are there by chance any good cocktails that incorporate Limoncello? I'm looking for a something to mix for my girlfriend, and Limoncello is her favorite. Most classic cocktails are too boozy for her.

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