Martin Amis – Still Talking to Hitch [2012]

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August 28, 2012.

Author Martin Amis reveals how he’s coping with the loss of his best friend Christopher Hitchens in this episode of Conversations With Slate.

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28 Responses

  1. SS says:

    7 years gone now and the world needs him so now.

  2. Viktor Kralovic says:

    I too feel I lost a dear friend with Hitch, although we never met in person.

  3. anton1949 says:

    An English gentleman of the first order.

  4. Peter Q says:

    How do you LOVE LIFE drinking Johnny Walker and getting Intoxicated to spew Filth & Vulgarity at others BELIEF!!! if HITCH love life he would have LIVE but he picks EVIL the reverse of LIVE…so what is so INTELLIGENT about an Alcoholic Foul MOUTH Dying of Cancer deservedly for blaspheming others' BELIEF???… Jesus said: "There is NO FORGIVING in Blaspheming the Holy Spirit"… you atheist "THINK" if you have grey matter and NOT shit passing off as BRILLIANCE between your ears… B4 BLASPHEMING The SPIRIT of The CREATOR!!!

  5. She Hitch says:


  6. WC 'Strawberry' Fields says:

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Try Thinking For a change says:

    Interesting, but we could do without the crappy music, it serves no purpose.

  8. Paula O'Neill says:

    Lady's and Gentlemen, please raise your glasses. The Hitch may be gone – But never forgotten.

  9. leon says:

    So called intellectuals love no one more than themselves and attract pseudo intellectuals around them like bees to a honey pot. That's all I have to say about this sickening fawning that goes on around Christopher Hitchens.

  10. kickboxer says:

    Amis sir… much respect as Hitch would have said

  11. Timothy Barnes says:

    To be clear, the verse about burning both ends of a candle and it giving a beautiful light was Hitch quoting poet Edna Saint Vincent Millay.

  12. Stephen Collinson says:

    I love Martins constantly honesty. He knows himself and is not afraid of what he has found.

  13. Matthew Hayhow says:

    This is totally why I can't write fiction. I'm just too intelligent. /s

  14. Karl-Johan Embretsen says:

    Not only have I found Hitchens over the last years but through him I'm starting to discover two other fascinating and living characters, Amis and Rushdie

  15. woodbell67 says:

    The closing music was inappropriate- this wasn't very sexy

  16. Sevv9220 says:

    The man is a bit pompous to think you have to have a level of stupidity and innocence to write fiction. I mean, for entertainment sake, I can only see that as being a reason to write fiction. Why call it stupid and innocent?

  17. MegaRoo says:

    I have just read the entire column of comments and I think, but for one or two exceptions ,it was made up of the most intelligent ,well spoken, and like minded people. I'm not sure if that's ever happened in the history of YouTube , just goes to show the kind of people are who have a true love for Hitch!

  18. Ham On Rye + Red Wine says:

    I know exactly what he is saying, I just lost one of my best friends a month ago.

    The last two nights I have dreamed about him dying for the first since it happened, him being with other mutual friends that have already died ..all young none past their 30's suicides, overdoses etc, Joe was an extremely intelligent artist, musician, father, and like a lot of people he just never learned to be happy, and he took his final exit door way to early than they should have.

    He just quit drinking 3 weeks prior to his death, but it was too late his body was already too far gone, he was 37.

    His death is hitting me the hardest (another life long friend is still tore up worse than I am, out of dozens mutual friends…we were like 3 musketeers/3 stooges) I still talk to him in my head bcuz it's just so hard to accept never hearing his voice again.

    I even told him as long as we live not a day will go by we wont' miss or think of him, as it should be.

    Funny thing is, since the day I met Joe almost 20 years ago, he always said "Peace" when saying bye, like the nu age metal hippie Jim Morrison (his idol) that he was, now I found myself saying it to people instead of bye or see ya!

     I have accepted that as many as we've already lost, this is not going to be the last fallen warrior of our tribe.

    I have learned this…

    Always say their name, keep talking to them and always keep them alive in your heart and mind.

  19. Jolly Joel says:

    From 2:04 to 2:50 was fuckin' Golden. So honest and true.

  20. Mailing today says:

    I only discovered Hitchens this last year. So cool to get to know him from the stories of others. Of course all the while knowing It will never bee as though I had known him personally.

  21. Julian Coleman says:

    Martin Amis is a fucking boss I dont read many novels but I must read his. A man of great imagination what a fantastic human being.

  22. rytmen says:

    Im happy that someone like martin amis was one of the people to define who christopher hitchens was… and why do i say that, well i just think that we are defined as persons by our friends, families, past and physical and mental potential.

  23. Garry Burgin says:


  24. shihouka says:

    If you think that having a chance at life is worth nothing, save the oxygen for someone more deserving 🙂

  25. Garry Burgin says:

    Stupid Universe.You could be Bill Gates or a baby who dies a birth.The end is just the same you will both become nothing with no memory of it anyway.WHY EXIST.

  26. Garry Burgin says:

    Stupid Universe.I hate the saying"Its better to have loved and lost,than to have never loved at all."No it isnt.If you never loved you have lost nothing and wont feel a loss.If you loved and lost there is only pain.Now im doomed to loving and losing and didnt even ask for love in the 1st place.Existence is just loss and pain of loss.Coming into existence is is pointless.I will love and lose and not know that i ever lost or loved anyway.Again"stupid universe".

  27. manthasagittarius1 says:

    But you didn't answer the question, little flutterby. Read it again once, do:

    Why is it you adhere to the false dichotomy that EITHER there is consciousness without the brain, OR there is no meaning to life? You did lay that one out in almost so many words.

    As to what I want — you have no idea. But I don't intend to wait for something there are no bets on to get it. That is not an adherence to absolutes, incidentally, just polite attention to probability.

  28. manthasagittarius1 says:

    For the amount of language behavior you perform, you say remarkably little.
    Tell me — why is it you adhere to the false dichotomy that EITHER there is consciousness without the brain, OR there is no meaning to life?
    That said, the formulation is indeed a mystery on purpose: the purpose of human spiritual leaders who purport to confound and control. Looks like they got you good.

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