Marilyn Monroe in ‘The Misfits’ (1961)

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A scene from the 1961 film ‘The Misfits’ (1961). This was one of the main films to showcase Marilyn Monroe as a straight dramatic actress rather than the comedic blonde roles she had tried desperatly to shed.

The following scene displays Monroe’s tallent for the craft and also shows her in what would be her final completed film.

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20 Responses

  1. Joanne Wilton says:

    wtf is her problem, cut the horse loose yourself

  2. Benjamin Sheridan says:

    The Misfits brought me here and I am very confused

  3. Tracy Hettler says:

    Horrible cruel scene, I reckon Monroe felt terrific empathy for this horse even though it's only a film

  4. pasnthr 62 says:

    The horse was outstanding in his role.

  5. Lynda Craig says:

    And they killed her the year after this movie.

  6. dora GS says:

    pauvre cheval !!! réalisateur débile !!!!

  7. jack dcat says:

    This movie was sad and depressing a bunch of Stoned Out alcoholics in real life I found this movie Very sickening

  8. Mauricio Exenberger says:

    At the time, the scene of Marilyn defending the horse was much criticized. Norman Mailer even wrote in her autobiography: Someone tell this woman to shut up! Nowadays, Marilyn would be praised, especially by animal-protective societies.

  9. frank peter says:

    you could blow up the world, and all you would feel is sorry… for yourself.

  10. Mauricio Exenberger says:

    The Misfits is like wine: the older the better. Today it can be seen as a nostalgic classic about the last cowboys, remnants of the old West. At the time of his release, critics found the film pretentious, snobbish, drawn and disconnected, despite being directed by master John Houston. The critics were directed to the established playwright, Arthur Miller, who had no experience in cinema. Few people in Hollywood have ever approved of his union with Marilyn. Because of financial problems and the strong heat of Nevada, filming was difficult. Marilyn did not approve of the constant changes in the script and was forced by her husband to decorate the lines a few moments before the scenes. She thinks Miller had created a story about cowboys and, bothered by his impertinent wife, wanted to reduce her role in the plot. Unsure, abused sleeping pills and needed hospitalization. When she came back she had already lost the little confidence she still had in her husband. The divorce came next. Soon after filming, alone in New York, Marilyn suffered a tremendous emotional shock when she read in the newspapers the news that she had contributed to the sudden death of Clark Gable, of heart attack. No one took into account that for decades the actor smoked several wallets of cigarettes a day and that Gable waived the use of stuntmen in the scene where he pursued wild horses. The actor's widow was allegedly the plaintiff, but the following year Marilyn was invited to baptize the couple's son, who was born months after Gable's death. The commercial failure of The Misfits shook the actress's career. The film had the potential to compete in major festivals, but it was not well sold or well distributed. As usual, commercial failure fell on Marilyn's shoulders, although the lead star was Gable and she shared the scenic space with important actors (Clift and Eli Wallach)

  11. aranzaveggie says:

    Maltrato animal.

  12. sugarkaneandchloe says:

    Such a great actress…beautiful woman

  13. Ted Lougheed says:

    Marilyn and Elvis…….both had great acting potential but never got the chance due to Hollywood stereotyping.

  14. Janice Viesel says:

    Thank goodness we are smarter then this now…. I was born in 61.. Never liked bully men & weak woman movies.. There is more good then bad on this planet… Don't believe me.. Stop watching tv, specially the news. Get out in nature.. Feel the love, be the care taker you are meant to be for all living beings & our beautiful planet..

  15. MrGravito says:

    Marilyn dans toute sa Splebndeur!!! son meilleur Role!!!

  16. mbblover says:

    how times have changed?… now, marilyn's character would go with monty's.. ESPECIALLY once a man (gable's character) throws her down and assaults her basically. NO MATTER HIS contrition later on.. but of course, gable had to get the "girl' in the end….

  17. World Coming Down 5778 says:

    It's too bad she ruined the production of this film with her drama over herself.
    I'll bet Clark wanted to smack her across the desert. She was a whore and an adulterer.
    Now she's burning in hell.

  18. Allen Greene says:

    Even without makeup and powder she was still breathtaking with her impeccable beauty. I know the film wasn't well received but still Marilyn should have received an nomination or something. I mean come on. Was Hollywood that shallow that the only thing they wanted from her was to be a sex symbol??

  19. beatrix van Til says:

    un chef d'oeuvre ! toujours actuel , Marilyn Monroe est magnifique

  20. clarkewi says:

    THAT was one of the most powerful scenes ever filmed. An absolute masterpiece.

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