Maia Mayor – “Perfect”

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“Some conversations can change the world.”
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23 Responses

  1. Amazing Atallia says:

    I'm scared on disappointing you mom. I'm scared to be someone worthlessness to you mom. I can see everything you're doing to me, and I'm trying my best to give it back. I'm sorry if I'm like this

  2. Ajda P. says:

    where can i give a hug?

  3. Iron Cay says:

    Is it bad that I relate.. but not because of a parent but what my brain tells me?

  4. Hyen Gemeniano says:

    I can relate to this.

  5. nilla bean11 says:

    My grandmother is so dramatic and not even my mother, yet this is her. This is her in one video. Damn her and the world.

  6. Samia Jaber says:

    Maia's perfection

  7. Taylor Anne says:

    Mom. Mom I’m trying mom I’m sorry

    Mom I’m gone

  8. Rommy Cheese says:

    You're like the female Eminem…

  9. Aizen Sousuke says:

    Kurotsuchi mayuri’s speech about perfection is better

  10. Anuj Kedawat says:


  11. Grace D. says:

    This will forever be my fucking favorite slam poetry piece

  12. Maren S. says:

    I cried at the end. Overwhelmed!

  13. Doll Face says:


  14. Rose qveen says:

    Can so relate

  15. Kate Scott says:

    This sounds like my inner dialogue my anxiety telling me to get my shit together when I am too fucking depressed. I am battling against myself the "angel" and the "devil" my two personas that will endlessly fight.

  16. Velton Gooden Jr says:

    Showed this to my mom and she was applauding and gauding Maia's words saying "That's right!" until at the end she saw the tears and was confused. Then I explained that she was impersonating her mother and then played the video again and she was… quiet for a while.

  17. Daniella C. M. says:

    This poem is so relevant to my situation right now …

  18. VITASart says:

    A very moving Spoken Word poem. Beautifully and convincingly written. I'm wowed by the performance, also. I wonder if there'll be a poetry film?

  19. Matt C says:

    I don't think lipstick makes anyone a whore, you bore. Lol poetry is fun

  20. Challenging Fire says:

    It's not that my parents want me to be perfect like them, it's that they want me to be what they couldn't be. Like i'm just some sort of toy they can use to do what they want, because they messed up their own lives too much to do it themselves.

  21. Chiraz Chi says:


  22. Lindsay Brown says:

    “you can’t be a rebel maia, you’re not interesting enough.” that hit me so hard

  23. Maia Mendoza says:

    that lady telling my life maia

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