Love in Another Town 1997

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starring: Victoria Principal, Adrian Pasdar, Mary Kay Place, Finn Carter;
Maggie Sorrell (VICTORIA PRINCIPAL – Далас) has everything: beauty, adorable children, a wealthy Chicago lifestyle. Then her husband drops a bombshell which devastates her life: after 22 years of marriage, he’s leaving her for a younger woman. So Maggie quits big-city life to nurse her wounded heart in the sleepy little town of Deep Cove. But there she finds a startling new source of love and passion. He’s Jake Cantrell (ADRIAN PASDAR – Печалба) a handsome photographer 12 years her junior. It’s not only age but also wealth and class that separate them, and theirs is a love affair destined to be rocked by scandal and tragedy. But could it be a love strong enough to survive?

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26 Responses

  1. Janaka Sampath says:

    Wow. what a great movie..

  2. nguyen lan says:

    Thanks for uploading this film.

  3. Babar Khan says:

    I wish I could find an older woman around 45 but loving and caring.

  4. Idemudia Odiagbe says:

    Wants to be loved like thiss

  5. fay sarr says:

    She is a elegant mom


    so nice movie

  7. Patricia Keegan says:

    Man. This lady story, is better than this movie.

  8. Gerald Swain says:

    Amurican sentimental crap!…with the usual acting quality match.

  9. Maria Tabanao says:

    I luv this movie,,,really,,,happy ending…

  10. FranSlam says:

    I love a very well done and tasteful love scene. They don't do that in TV movies any more though, just a very chaste kiss at the end these days lol. I only ever see love scenes in the TV movies of the 90's. When it's done well and isn't graphic it's to be admired. But I get that audiences want super family-friendly wholesome Hallmark stuff and that many ppl aren't comfortable with love scenes in movies. I still think there's a market for the type of passionate romantic tv movie that has some tasteful intimacy though. And I'm NOT talking Red Shoe Diaries or Fifty Shades, don't get it twisted lol.

  11. Norbu Gyatso says:

    This movie really inspired me alot !! I have gone through hard life after married. Still life is twisted like Maggie ,!! Lots of thanks to the story to inspire me and many others women who has suffer alot in their life !!

  12. Amarwahtsap Kumar says:

    Just too good movie I like it

  13. Lolita Zavala says:

    Great movie… Thanks for the upload

  14. Joan P Hopp says:

    Victoria Principal got better as the story went on. Sad, how couples break up, get involved with other people, and then so many complications follow. It ends well, but you have to consider the feelings of the losers, especially, his wife who dies from cancer. I don't know. This movie leaves me undecided.

  15. Marina Udoekpo says:

    Such a good movie

  16. danielle bushiii says:

    who's watching, 2018?

  17. Marcela Brandstatter says:

    Thank you … lovelY movie <3

  18. David Cardona says:

    Awesome movie ❤️

  19. Mariane Kamiyama says:

    I love the movie I wish someday I will fined my one and only……..the best man for me

  20. Violeta Janelidze says:

    I love this movie too

  21. Pussycatfeathers says:

    It's a nice movie, but Victoria principle is such an emotionless actress, she always seems so detached and cold…even in her Dallas days!!!…otherwise I enjoyed the film.

  22. sami sani says:

    love is life >>>>>I like this lovely movie and I need som one to love mee im alone…..

  23. Wisdom says:

    This is such a beautiful story. So much so i cried through the whole movie. but we all know this is such bullshit Well anyone that knows real life and how the devil works. he should have never cheated but In real life a man 12 years younger would use her and then dump her like a hot potato. and she would raise the baby on her own for the rest of her life because a man that much younger would never be mature enough to face up to what he did sick wife and all! he would just move on and find someone younger after all. and this i know because i married someone 12 years younger too but in real life and had a baby now my son is six and i'm out of a home and live in a shelter with my boy because i fought with my husband the whole time he cheated while we lived together and because my younger husband cheated with some ugly ass cheap ghetto ass puerto rican white trash bitch!! and still is trying to come back this way! disgusting! and these men all they want is someone they can have one up on ! we are silly foolish women our best bet is to find some rich old man at least we get there money and they die first!!! Or stick with a God fearing Christian our own age!! because without God these men are stupid dumb asses!!! young or old just dumb!!!!

  24. Gabrielle Schmidt says:

    I cant remember the last time I saw such a stupid, sappy movie. I kept hoping that it would get better. Jake seemed creepy to me. People thought this was a beautiful love story? He was married. End of story. Are there woman out there as stupid as Maggie? Judging from all the comments I would say yes.

  25. Dario Simone says:

    Her friend push her to date and now , she ‘s against her to be with that young man

  26. Regina Wanjiku says:

    Having such a darling friend..

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