LONDON UNPLUGGED Official Trailer (2019) Anthology film on modern Londoners

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LONDON UNPLUGGED is in selected Cinemas 18th January 2019.
LONDON UNPLUGGED, 10 shorts from emerging, diverse filmmakers unearth the struggles of modern Londoners. LONDON UNPLUGGED , an anthology film about modern Londoners, comprises ten shorts of largely female-led stories from a talent pool of emerging filmmakers. The independent British film explores themes of isolation, asylum, unmanageable rents and identity.
The film was born at the London Film School, the brain child of alumna Qi Zhang, also one of the short’s directors, and Bafta-nominated producer, David Cohen. Zhang and Cohen resolved to create a tapestry of London as it is experienced right now; as one of the most expensive, extraordinary, extreme cities in the world.

Many of the stories derive from real world testimony, through extensive research with London frontline organisations; the Refugee Journalist Project, Migrant Resource Centre and Four Corners Film, the Bethnal Green filmmaking charity. This authenticity gives the film a sense of ‘London-as-lived’.

The film also showcases two adaptions by classic female authors when they were new, young voices struggling in London around the time of suffrage; Virginia Woolf’s ‘Kew Gardens’ and Katherine Mansfield’s ‘Pictures’. Eight of the short films’ directors are female.

Supervising director, Nicholas Cohen, curated the films with a journey from east to west London, threaded together by real-life aspiring athlete, Yourlance Bianca Richards, whose commentary addresses the questions facing every Londoner today; how do you find meaning or connection in this vast, costly city?

London Unplugged, which premiered at the East End Film Festival 2018, comprises ‘Dog Days’ (featuring Ivanno Jeremiah), ‘Felines’ (Juliet Stevenson), ‘Unchosen’ (Poppy Miller),‘Club Drunk’, ‘Mudan Blossom’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Little Sarah’s Big Adventure’, ‘Shopping’ (Bruce Payne), ‘The Door To’ and ‘Kew Gardens’ (Imogen Stubbs).

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