Little Astronomer: Once Upon a Sun – Picture Book Trailer (Learn about the Sun)

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A book trailer for Once Upon a Sun, non-fiction, informational picture book, written by Julia Stilchen. The Sun had a beginning. This is a story told in an anthropomorphic presentation of the Sun, other characters include rocky planets, gas giants and dwarf planets.

Coming Soon!

Coconnor – Voice of the Sun
CutieCakeKitty – Voice of Jupiter
Gideonbh – Epic Movie Trailer Voice
Julia Stilchen – Voice of Saturn
“Lost You” (Instrumental) by Tape Machines
“Dance for a Change” by Guitarsstate
Illustrations, animations, and video created by Julia Stilchen

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2 Responses

  1. Happypanda AJ says:

    Just out of curiosity do you talk about neutron stars in your book?

  2. Happypanda AJ says:

    The animations are phenomenal and the book looks fantastic as I knew it would! Congratulations Mrs. Stilchen! Another beautiful book!

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