Khaleel Ahmed Biography In Hindi|Who is Cricketer khaleel ahmed|Khaleel ahmed real biography history

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12 Responses

  1. Mohd ASif says:

    Khalil crack bola

  2. Jeetram Choudhary says:


  3. Abdul Rehman Qureshi A R Qureshi says:

    Very nice player

  4. Rahul Kumar says:


  5. Irfan Irfan says:

    Nice video

  6. Khan Saidu says:

    Kahlil best

  7. Suman Seal says:

    mera Birthday vi 5th December ko hai 05/12/1991

  8. Gulab Singh Deora Mandar says:

    rajasthan cricket ki shan….khaleel ahmed!!

  9. khan harunali says:

    Khalel bhaijaan

  10. study time for math says:

    Khalil best bowling in his debyu matches

  11. Shayful Choudhury says:

    very nice

  12. Mahesh Shinde says:

    Khaleel & bumrah best bowlers Indian team

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