Johnny Depp on Hunter S. Thompson

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Johnny Depp discussing meeting Hunter S. Thompson and firing a shotgun at a propane tank wrapped in nitroglycerine.

A clip taken from the dialogue with Lawrence Krauss titled: Johnny Depp & Lawrence Krauss: Finding The Creativity In Madness.

See the full talk here:

Part 01 –
Part 02 –

Video by Black Chalk Productions

Join Golden Globe winner and renowned actor, producer, author and musician Johnny Depp and Origins Project director Lawrence Krauss for An Origins Project Dialogue, Finding the Creativity in Madness.

This dialogue is associated with a closed scientific workshop in partnership with the National Institutes of Health held to spark discussions of big, unanswered questions on how the brain and machines process patterns, aimed at understanding consciousness, intelligence, and madness.

This on stage discussion focuses on the humanity of madness, revealing Depp’s experience and creative method as an actor who has portrayed such eccentric fictional and nonfictional characters as Edward Scissorhands, Hunter S. Thompson, Captain Jack Sparrow, and John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester while exploring and unraveling the intricate links between creativity and madness.

Recorded Saturday, March 12, 2016 – 7:00pm

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35 Responses

  1. Peter Woods says:

    That man's wearing the red shoes of a satanic paedophile

  2. Peter says:

    4:00 look at those two smug fucks in the middle

  3. mfdannydanger says:


  4. Luke stubbs says:

    what is the name of the interviewer ?

  5. Sami Lo says:

    I love Johnny. He is friends with some of the most famous people and he’s still so down to earth and humble.. love that!

  6. ayr1225 says:

    Snuff filmers.

  7. Rainy Daiz says:

    Cold purple fam

  8. Chris Laforest says:

    Why is this guy who pretends to talk to me about physics and atheism talking to Johnny fucking Depp about Hunter Thompson?

    Oh that's right. Because leftist atheist scientists are now honorary cool guys.

  9. jeep girl says:

    Any one watching this research how hunter used to make real videos of ppl and young boys being murdered. Smut movies. He was a very evil person.

  10. carl jaysen says:

    can this dude talk any slower jesus christ

  11. LLTrill says:

    Did anyone catch the name of the writer Johnny Depp references??

  12. LLTrill says:

    Did anyone catch the name of the writer Johnny Depp references??

  13. Rob Base says:

    They all sound deranged.

  14. Ami From Texas says:

    The interviewer is wearing those red pedophile / cannibal shoes on!! Disgusting POS!

  15. gotohellaaron says:

    Hunter S. Thompson seemed to love to say "bastard" a lot.

  16. M*lf_Hunter224 says:

    Why the fuck is Johnny foot contorted like that. Does he not feel pain

  17. Za Zu says:

    Johnny Depp has no native, natural accent. He has always wanted to be the heroes he's admired. He mumbles and stammers in stale, late-night American talk shows 'cause he can't pull off the fake-accent and persona. Makes for a good actor I guess, but Johnny Depp has no idea who Johnny Depp is. Same thing happened to Hunter – he couldn't play Hunter S. Thompson once he got into his '60s because it begins to look clownish and it is uncomfortably obvious to people who once admired him. They run out of road – they realise they were only playing a role all their life and that doesn't sit well with someone in their later years when they yearn for authenticity and a desire to know who and what they are really about. They self-destruct, die, and their peons launch their ashes from a trebuchet – the last thing that person would have wanted, going out like a fucking fool

  18. Jennifer McCasland says:

    A cattle prod and a stun gun, now that's how you make an entrance!

  19. Robert Therob says:

    Depp you will never be a fly on the wall you are fly larva that gets squished ….IE maggots.

  20. Charlie Gamble says:

    Johnny switches between American and British accents sporadically throughout. Typically after a HST impression.

  21. tobinakatarx says:

    Hunter was a pedo satanist apparently

  22. Andrew Wake says:

    A wife beating Hollywood elitist talking about another Hollywood elitist who enjoyed making "Snuff Movies" & Raping children. Numerous children's Police statements from "Boy's Town" can't be wrong.

  23. Armond Riptoe says:

    Depp a douche.

  24. Steven Glansburg says:

    The guy in the red shoes is a quack.

  25. Red Seaford says:

    My God, he sounds just like Hunter.

  26. DEeMON says:

    Depp is a talented actor sometimes, But he is a Hunter Thompson wannabe, studied him to play him in film, kinda like exploitation, similar to what Hunter did with the Hells Angels which was what initially made him famous, getting stomped by the motorcycle gang.

  27. d b says:

    Deep hunter said it was awkward with you, you subverting son of a bitch douche bag

  28. Fooey Yu says:

    Thompson engaged Johnny Depp because he saw him as a rich 'sucker'. Thompson's star shined for about ten years but after that, all he could do was to fake it and grift the phony's from Hollywood (period)

  29. sandy pandy says:

    look at those red shoes….he's a creeper

  30. Karloss Mac says:

    I wonder if they ever discussed the snuff films Hunter was involved in as he loved to kill people

  31. Jenniferann Jolie says:

    Boring interview. Lemme see ok what else?

  32. Bane says:

    Depp and Thompson are just drug addicts that are entertaining. Depp is just simply a fucking moron.

  33. John Hall says:

    Hunter S Thompson infected Johnny Depp.

  34. MICHAEL CRASH says:

    Fuck Johnny Depp man. Hail hunter

  35. Mark Brown Jr. says:

    All transgendered satanists.

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