John Allison – Ayn Rand & Objective Self-Interest

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John Allison explains the central tenet of Ayn Rand’s philosophy.

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5 Responses

  1. mzk1 says:

    I do not think that anyone who had the slightest idea how human beings act could have written the Fountainhead. Among other things, she refers to a cold-blooded murderer who has just stolen someone's wife as a "pure soul". The only person in the book who is remotely human and sympathetic is the villain and his girlfriend, whose lives are ruined by the heroine for no good reason.

  2. Randall Hayden says:

    Humans are born selfish. Initially, everything is provided, usually continued to adulthood.
    It usually takes proper parenting for an individual to realize the temporary component of dependency.

    Obversely some youth want to take from others, and take a life whom had no input to how one's life is going.

  3. shiningcross says:

    A liberal probably watches this and then at the end after listening to the guy thinks, "Yeah, that's how people should be!" and then they probably think in their mind… if only you damn Republicans would just give us more and more and more tax money, we could fix it all!

    Completely missing the fucking point.

  4. yamahaU3 says:

    Dat accent tho….

  5. Bewareofthewolves says:

    Does Rand ever say why people ought to do the things mentioned in this video? Does she believe that pursuing self interest is a moral obligation? I think the analogy of the kids in the sand pit is a bad one – I think it is more likely that the kid who isn't encouraged to share as a child is the one who will grow up with the theory of entitlement.

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