Jax Jones – Breathe (Visualiser) ft. Ina Wroldsen

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“Breathe” is out now: https://JaxJones.lnk.to/BreatheID

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Music video by Jax Jones performing Breathe. (C) 2017 Universal Music Operations LimitedBreathe is out now: https://JaxJones.lnk.to/InstructionID


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32 Responses

  1. Awesome Friends says:


    My sister is three months old and this is how I hear her talk

  2. Anival Garcia says:

    Love Jax Jones ❤️ he got me like Dum Dum Da Da Da

  3. Vanessa says:

    90’s vibes

  4. Laura García Amador says:

    MOM why is A MAN dancing in my CANDIEES

  5. Fadalerab Rasool says:

    Hey this should in miss universe 2018 swimsuit round

  6. blessing2659 says:

    One year old!!!

  7. allal abderrahmane says:


  8. Arav Royaleist says:

    Im eating tic tacs right now when the song is playing

  9. Superbe It says:

    I hate u.'this is real' should be release

  10. Demo gun gammimg says:

    no fun

  11. Heki Peki says:

    The jax jones company is booming at the moment!

    It even has a moving character on they're products

  12. Turan Jabbarli says:

    They should have had a nose spray instead, if it s about breathing

  13. Emilia Milan says:

    November 2018 ??

  14. The Posh Scouser says:

    This song is a Masterpiece

  15. Lisa B says:

    Я одна русская.

  16. Taetae is baebae says:

    TicTac has left the chat

  17. Balint Zsolt says:


  18. Marine Tchikadze says:

    for 1 year i finally know what the title is

  19. chris brown says:

    Every one got that thing it's a. Bubble gum

  20. Hi It's Me says:

    I thought this was a tic tax ad

  21. Justyna Pocket says:


  22. X RayZ says:

    1. Cereal box
    2. A hot sauce bottle
    3. Breath mints

  23. Ethem Bolat Music says:

    Fuck you jax jones this music Copyright Protect

  24. Kien Kien says:

    Viet Nam

  25. BLeSports Proxyy says:

    2$ video production costs xdd

  26. Amalan Abshara says:

    2018 october?

  27. Jack Tizzard says:

    Shittest fucking song I've ever heard

  28. Elmina Beciragic says:


  29. Amelia Piszczek says:

    I want a dancing little man on my tic tak box

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