J.K. Rowling talks to Graham Norton

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J.K. Rowling joins Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 to talk about Lethal White, Robert Galbraith’s latest Cormoran Strike novel.

Broadcast on 06/10/2018.

(Please listen out for the great editing after 15:30)

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9 Responses

  1. Ennaliya says:

    A lot of women do not read murder mysteries. Since it is "violence". They refuse to look in this "book category".
    They would read it if they know JK Rowling had written it.
    Put your own name JK Rowling on the books! ==> more for Lumos.

    "It is frequently a misfortune to have very brilliant men in charge of affairs. They expect too much of ordinary men."

    – Thucydides

    A writer with 2 different names is NOT keeping it simple.
    3 x more women then men vote for JK Rowling the writer on "Top 100 best writers all time".
    Put your name on Lethal White JK Rowling!
    It will also turn those "old books" into collectibles.
    (go to JK Rowling her name, then you get a message 3x more women vote on her)

    P.S. Just let the libraries rate your books 18+ when they have mature themes, the forbidden section of the library! I know why you changed your name from JK Rowling to Robert Galbraith because children kept asking for more books from you in the library and ended up with "The Casual Vacancy" mature themes. I know, you changed your name to protect children! But you will sell so much more books with the JK Rowling name!

  2. Seth Carlow says:

    this so awesome.
    Long lived J.K Rowling the Queen of Magic.

  3. Diana Rozevskis says:

    Great interview, I love Jo.
    I wonder how many people googled for 'The Last of the Duchess by Caroline Blackwood'? I know I did 🙂

  4. Thomas Silvent says:

    Loved this little podcast

  5. Samuel Wright says:

    The penis inserts into the vagina

  6. Polar Express 7 says:

    I need lethal white right now

  7. Polar Express 7 says:

    17:48 that's not true! shes' meant to be a story teller and she's a fantastic screenwriter too

  8. IThinkItsForYou says:

    Is this Desert Island Discs?

  9. Xiphane X says:

    Awesome 😀

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