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  1. W.M. Aslam - Author says:

    A very interesting documentary about a brilliant writer by a great actor. David Suchet made Poirot come to life and made me a fan of Agatha Christie for life. Suchet's Poirot and Agatha's novels continue to inspire me to this day.

  2. horsluva0758 says:

    her husband was very handsome!

  3. horsluva0758 says:

    Loved this and love David Suchet!!

  4. jimmy johnston says:

    Now read Miles Mathis.

  5. jimmy johnston says:


  6. Regina Ryan says:


  7. Theresa Fairchild says:

    Have any teachers made questions for this video?

  8. AbsoluteTruth says:

    Congrats England that you still have this caliber of actor in David Suchet…all we have in the States are entitled, virtue signalling & talent-less asswits

  9. Blur says:

    Poirot’s moustaches aren’t big enough!

  10. Bailey Waggletail says:

    Beautifully told!

  11. Aryeh Finklestein says:

    Wonderful program!! thanks much for posting.

  12. Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar says:

    Ive been searching for the song that plays at 47:00 till the end … its driving me nuts, i looked everywhere, but no one seems to know the name of it, please guys you are my last hope

  13. Kybeline says:

    After that opening one should expect all kind of exhalted "iconic" things, but no facts. Because scarcely anybody reads Shakespeare, and I'm sure the koran is more of a bestseller than Agatha Christie – not that I rejoyce over it!

  14. alex fogg says:

    To be fair I have only read two books by Agatha Christie. Unfinished portrait, written under a pseudonym, and recently Murder on the Orient Express. Excellent writer.

  15. Sharp Nib says:

    Is Agatha Christie a left-handed or a right-handed?

  16. Jenny T says:

    Thank you for sharing this very interesting documentary of a writer a truly admire!

  17. TheMarinemom02 says:

    Simply FANTASTIC…not only learning more about HER but watching David Suchet light up…great film.

  18. Santuza Barros says:

    Amo Agatha Christie! Maravilhoso!

  19. paleofemme says:

    I have always loved Suchet, and the Poirot series was a study diet in my home growing up. It wasn't until I was an adult that I actually read her novels, and I fell in love with Agatha. I understand her disappearance, her love for her mother, the heartache life can bring. Thank you for sharing the deep parts if her life.

  20. ffm60313 says:

    í love torbay – that's where i learned english with a very marple-esque teacher 🙂 bliss!

  21. Miriana727 says:

    I am currently reading AGATHA CHRISTIE by Laura Thompson. A wonderful read. Would recommend highly. This documentary with David Suchet is very interesting. I think he makes a wonderful Poirot.

  22. kerryincolumbus says:

    Absolutely fascinating video!! Mr Suchet, you did an incredible job, as usual !

  23. jean myers says:

    Extraordinary lady & doesn't David Suchet play Poirot well. Easily best Poirot & exactly as I've always imagined Poirot in my mind.

  24. geico1975 says:

    Agatha Christie, I've heard the name my entire life, and yesterday picked up my first book by Agatha Christie. "The Mystery of the Blue Train."

  25. Mairwen 99 says:

    Dame Agatha came from Torbay which is only about 40 km north-east of where I grew up. It's lovely to see the Devon rivers and unique countryside.

  26. Zhenny ByeBye says:

    that lady at 39:00 had such an adorable accent!!!!

  27. Melvin Chong says:

    Agatha Christie bears an uncanny resemblance to HP Lovecraft during her youth.

  28. Barsha Rai says:

    Such a heart touching and mesmerizing video! Thank you David and ITV for giving us a great opportunity to understand the "Queen of Crime" so closely. She is really one of the greatest novelist of all time.

  29. wmnoffaith1 says:

    I love the Mary Westmacott novels. If you have never read it, read "Absent in the Spring". It's extraordinary.

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