Introducing the ChromeVox Next Screen Reader on Chromebooks

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Learn about the new and improved version of the ChromeVox screen reader — temporarily called “ChromeVox Next” — which is the default screen reader built into all Chromebooks as of Chrome OS version 56. Laura goes over some of the biggest changes you’ll notice in this new version, how to provide feedback, and more.

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29 Responses

  1. George Paul says:

    Use of acronyms and application is difficult for me who grew-up prior to cyber world development an present use.

  2. George Paul says:

    Grew up prior to wireless cyber development and present universal use

  3. Satyendra Kumar says:

    it sound like

  4. Your Own Pay says:

    thanks for this video, really useful for a user getting started.

  5. Pawan kumar gupta says:


  6. Rick Humphrey says:

    just off a support call and Google said Chromevox is really not supported by them…How disappointing is that

  7. Rick Humphrey says:

    Good video – I need help – I have found that Chromevox can not read the content of a PDF? Is this a known issue?

  8. Jeremy Knight says:

    Around 3 or 4 weeks ago. there was an update to my Chromebook. and for some reason when I updated it. the Chrome Box in my Chrome account no longer reads the Web Pages. it'll read stuff like my Downloads, files and other stuff. but it won't read web pages.
    I have to use the Browse as Guest mode in order to use the Chrome Box Next because it reads web pages. in my Chrome Account I'm stuck with the Classic Chrome Box.

  9. VJ Screw says:

    whats a crumb box??

    Whatever it is, this girl is sexy. I would watch her talk about a box of sand

  10. TINA S. says:

    Ok, I pushed search and escape and got to go to settings.

  11. TINA S. says:

    The voice has taken over my chrome book. It won't let me do anything, or shut up. Please help asap

  12. nakasreth wongwien says:


  13. nakasreth wongwien says:


  14. Traci's Tube says:

    I have the ChomeVox extension on chrome on my windows 10 pc. How do I get ChromeVox Next?
    Thank you so much for making these videos:)

  15. Bass Boost HD TR says:

    hii google chrome my name is google chromes plus How about setting up a system together?

  16. Bonnie Keck says:

    This came up in a search for using chromebook to VOCALLY read a BOOK on chromebook, no help at all.

  17. lynda renaud says:

    It sounds like she keeps saying Crumbox….CRUmBOx..Maybe she needs to learn to
    e n u n c i a t e .

  18. Brega Funk Music says:


  19. MrSquareart says:

    UH? LOSAT lost!!!!!!!

  20. Tim Sniffen says:

    Great job, Laura and team! Already using this video series with veterans and looking forward to more.

  21. josemaria piñero alcaide says:

    Con estas canciones se nos fue la vida

  22. trapped cat says:

    that chromebox voice is really bad. Why not use the same voice used for google search?

  23. TheSola10 says:

    catastrophically painful sibilance. please consider filtering audio

  24. ر ر says:


  25. TheLegendOfMeme says:


  26. Eren Tr 48 says:

    1. like

  27. Eren Tr 48 says:


  28. Nani Aliyeva says:


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