INSTANT SPEED READING! – Read 5 times faster in minutes!

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Amazing speed reading program that just works – no study or heavy learning – just press play and you’re speed reading!

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20 Responses

  1. Maryellen Elizabeth Hart says:

    Great demonstration. Now, how can we download our course textbooks into this program so we can read them in 600-800 words per minute? Can you write a program compatible with ebooks or offers ebooks for sale so we can read them more quickly?

  2. MyFarredondo2 says:

    This is why I have no friends

  3. 0record0 says:

    Now I feel weird having to move eyes to read XD


    i read above average but am not entirely a speed reader, this helped

  5. MoneyMaker Fo Sho says:

    Love it, thanks

  6. Ron Ochoa says:

    This demonstrates it, but it does not show how to purchase it. Every time I go to the internet to look it up it says something about "for blind people." I didn't read this video in braille! How can I buy it?

  7. Ron Ochoa says:

    Is this made by the adobe company? It doesn't say on the video and I don't want to get ripped off by a copycat name product.

  8. kalle boll says:

    easy. I cna even read a cooment in 1 look. my brain dont read word its read whole segments:D and I can find key words in a book by flipping pages fast:D mostly sex words:D

  9. ariesi Xuz says:

    oh shit wat

  10. Tyler Durden says:

    is it good if i'm 9 and i was able to read every word and i didn't even try?

  11. Jewdo Master says:

    It's cool, cause with practice, you can read even thousands of words a minute.

  12. abdullah ajmi says:


  13. Petros13TY says:

    Find Mental photography on google. Especially ZOX training. I know it costs bunch of money, but if you're smart i know that you find another way. 😀

  14. ParadiseVibes says:

    i lost track a 1:21 >.< lol

  15. PillowPets45 says:

    This confused me

  16. George Snyder says:

    2:44 is where the 500 wpm starts, in case you want to go back to it after the end of the video.

  17. Megan Carpenter says:

    im 10 and i only missed some of 500 im on my sisters youtube account X_X

  18. cracked2k9 says:

    I got most of 500 =)

  19. Joanna Dark says:

    hahaha, cant understand shit! at that speed, i prefer normal readin by +1

  20. lilpnkstrawberry says:

    This was actually very helpful :)I've watched it a few times now.

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