Inspector Tami Shimoni: The Serpent’s Smile by Olga Hesky | Radio Drama (1985)

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Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, on a Saturday night, with the Sabbath over and everyone crowding the cafes. Just the time and place to dump a corpse and make a getaway, leaving Inspector Tami Shimoni to pick up the pieces – or rather, scrape up the bloodstains – and start out on the trail of a bunch of international killers and the most terrifying secret weapon imaginable.

Writer: Olga Hesky
Dramatist: Neville Teller
Director: John Cardy
Tami Shimoni: Steve Hodson
Shelley Bernstein: Susan Denaker
Pappa Barzilai: John Gabriel
Yehoshua Caleb: Peter Acre
Dr Livini: Cyril Shaps
Restaurant owner: Harry Towb
Police surgeon: Bernard Brown
Set Lieb: William Eedle
Yitzhak: Colin Starkey
Mr Reuben: Alan Thompson
Supt Cohen: David Garth
Uzi: Adrian Egan
Max: Arnold Diamond
Freda Harrison: Gwen Cherrell
Joe Harrison: Ed Bishop
Maisie Rice: Mia Soteriou
Morris Rice: David Sinclair
Hashi: Ali Refaie
Betty Mannering: Barbara Atkinson

Saturday-Night Theatre – BBC Radio 4 FM, 16 February 1985 20.30

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  1. heather richmond says:

    Thank you

  2. Tutta Daskensvans says:

    I liked this

  3. Phillip Hayden says:

    Maybe I'll get the reference later, but 15 minutes in the mosque pic is odd for a Tell Aviv thriller!

  4. clara jones says:

    Thank you so much…………..

  5. barbara whittall says:

    Wowsers you are spoiling us!! Another great one!!

  6. John Little says:

    Many thanks. A good enjoyable thriller.

  7. Heidi Morein says:

    Great! Thank you

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