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HSN hosts (Claire Foy, Kenan Thompson) introduce new vendor Tamara VanBurke (Cecily Strong) to sell her “Teeny Adorables.”

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33 Responses

  1. Kenton Pryor says:

    You little stinker….

  2. David Perez says:

    Claire has an extremely underrated southern accent!

  3. Felix Garfias says:

    I wanna do dirty things with Claire Foy.

  4. Shuhei Hisagi says:

    "….the Homo Sexual Network "…… "is it?, If you say so!"

  5. HK says:

    because I AM A STUPID BUTTHOLE BITCH me, everyday

  6. Random User says:

    Holy lord, this is a dark and disturbing sketch. Aidy Bryant was practically channeling Livia Soprano.

  7. That one Anime chick says:

    H sn

  8. JJ B says:

    Crack in my ass!!!

  9. Kenton Pryor says:

    Chicken dump loser

  10. Kenton Pryor says:

    I love Claire Foys southern accent!

  11. Lexi Green says:

    I kept thinking about this video when I was messing up on my finals

  12. SFA Mass Comm CheckOut says:

    Claire Foy is giving me Rue McClanahan vibes!

  13. Succma Dickbih says:

    I smoked a few blunts and really wanted to laugh but this failed to make me laugh have I lost my funnybone or does this suck

  14. Pibly says:

    “Dog balls lie!” Lol

  15. Tactical Toast says:


  16. Amber Meridy says:

    "and I didn't forget 'em"
    She enjoyed teases Cecily's character too much, lol.
    "Ooooooooooh" as she rolls away.

  17. Angiliss Taylor says:

    This sketch made me soooo sad lol

  18. Dillon August says:

    Claire Foy is such an amazing actress. Even in the background, she stays in character, reacting so genuinely.

  19. Susan Heart says:

    Claire Foy is such a natural here and I’ve never seen her in anything but dramas

  20. Sls Nmp says:

    Yeesh, This skit was a disaster!

  21. Eleanor says:

    Holy fucking shit this must be what I sound like when I'm having a panic attack

  22. s warr says:

    That’s my mom :0

  23. sha11235 says:

    Beavis and Butthead would love this.

  24. sha11235 says:

    He probably doesn't have a big dick anyway.

  25. mr flamram says:

    The mom killed me

  26. Joey Sanders says:


  27. Zimmit's Fabulous Wonder Hoagies says:

    +1000 for Grade A family dysfunction. I'm DEAD.

  28. Junior Vafai says:

    Eat my ass to hell

  29. CosmicCloudStrife says:

    I have a new profound respect for Cecily Strong

  30. jfrsnjhnsn says:

    Watching Cecily in this one is like watching myself.

  31. Tracey Jones says:

    I miss Cheri Oteri

  32. pakuma3 says:

    Kenan looks like he just got off of the set of Kenan and Kel, he looks surprisingly young.

  33. Lindalee Law says:

    Mom brought to you by Eddie Bauer

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