How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking

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31 Responses

  1. Valerie C says:

    Anyone? 2018

  2. Ahmed Saeed says:

    I guess “good looking” had a different meaning 8 years ago

  3. J Qarrillo says:

    Helps if you're already smoking hot

  4. Marcus De Villiers says:

    Lol wtf. Why is this on my recommended

  5. yodako says:

    back in a day when she was slim an pretty. my god times flies, am I right?

  6. emma franc says:

    why is this suddenly in my recommended lmao

  7. Amanda May says:

    If you’re hey Siri is on at about 38 seconds it’ll make your Siri turn on and say “hey Siri you’re gay”

  8. Porrolio AJ says:

    Hi I'm from the future of 2018 😉

  9. Hélio Solar says:

    After al these years, the edit is still fab, cuts are spot on ^^

  10. Angela MN says:

    A timeless classic.

  11. Beau H says:

    1:44 who you fightin? what is that?

  12. Memes tidwell says:

    Omg wth this is 8years ago reeeee

  13. Natalie Childress says:

    Love her

  14. Naomi [] says:

    Oh my gosh wow I remember thiss!!

  15. Box Bo says:

    Dat copy right music tho

  16. Just your average Person says:

    This is golden

  17. OhHelloSugar says:

    This is still an absolute classic. Queen Jenna <3

  18. Vera Merlot says:

    Glasses are for douche bags

  19. QuestionableEden says:

    67 million views

  20. Bri R says:

    The first video I ever watched of Jenna’s and have been watching ever since lol she’s changed sooo much

  21. Greg Chase says:

    You should never say you're ugly, In your case, without makeup, you're attractive. And in the general case, always be the #1 cheerleader for yourself.

    You're blond, not fat, perfect nose, blue eyes, good IQ (you can't be a low-IQ person and use modern electronics devices with video).

    Never ever say you're ugly, my gosh. You should feel lucky.

    Now go out there and prosper.

  22. el amorim says:

    oh my god

  23. Somiii D says:

    8 years later

  24. Stranger Danger says:

    What a dumbass chic

  25. Annie Laster says:

    Still my guide to life

  26. Hannah Waffelz says:

    Sooooooo this is when she was a gogo dancer

  27. XxScarsthetic Xx says:

    Monday 5th 2065?

  28. Z.A.N.A. says:

    Here before it’s trending

  29. Lightning Sam says:


  30. Jason Yang says:

    You truly have the best content.

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