How To: Bald Drop Fade Haircut Using The Self Cut System 2.0 (Babyliss fx673)

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Per Veiwer And Subscriber Request, Many Were Wondering How To Do (What’s Called) A “Drop Fade”. It’s A Very Popular Style Amongst Many In This Generation. So, I Decided To Do Another Fade Tutorial. Enjoy.

Clippers Used: Babyliss Pro V Blade Cordless Fx673
Liners: Andis Sliimline Pro Li And Wahl Peanut
Shaver: Wahl 5 Star Shaver

Mirror: Self Cut System 2.0

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41 Responses

  1. Adrane Harris says:

    Dame i actually faded my shit tight..''Wow''Thanks alot…

  2. Mike R. says:

    Don’t try this at home

  3. Bulat Gibadullin says:


  4. Greatest1 says:

    I mean a low skin fade would be the same as a bald drop fade right?

  5. Greatest1 says:

    A low skin fade would be the same as a bald drop fade right?

  6. Greatest1 says:

    Ight bro appreciate

  7. Greatest1 says:

    Yo is the bald drop fade the same as a drop fade?

  8. G.D. says:

    tried it…looking like a mess now lmao

  9. Star Seed says:

    Thank you for the tutorial.

  10. Black Jesus says:


  11. l p says:

    Heck of a cut mane

  12. d1sh0n0r says:

    What size guard is he using for his Beard? And what size guard is he using for his hair(or what is his hair length in guard size)?

  13. Jan Jacobszoon says:

    I go to the barbershop and they still fuckup.

  14. myles johnson says:

    What’s the length on the top

  15. YoungVano Fresh says:

    sup everyone, I think this guy cut is great. I'd like you all to check my channel to see with what i cut my hair. I would love to have your support.

  16. Dreighen says:

    Is the 1 guard closed/open? Half way?

  17. Narquice says:

    Good work! looking for a new style to do this weekend

  18. Zanii awesome Rock says:

    nice hmu

  19. Nandi X says:

    Nice…self cut✂✂✂✂

  20. Cavarious Avery says:

    Why does that dude look almost like usher??

  21. Cavarious Avery says:

    This that ole skool

  22. Cavarious Avery says:

    Imma try dis one day

  23. Matthieu Bauer says:

    Shit haircut

  24. CalvinJ says:

    Where do you buy the mirrors?

  25. Lebron James says:

    Nice haircut man keep it up btw you should be a comedian

  26. Austin Rozeal says:

    Clean. whenever u have some down time from modeling become a barber.

  27. Kundai jena says:

    What blade you got on top?

  28. Jalen Blango says:

    I love this haircut I'm showing this to my barber

  29. Ivana Umunnakwe says:

    baby daddy

  30. Space Jack says:

    How can I see myself in the mirror? It shows my movements backwards, I look like a run away sheep, any tips on mirror placement please? I will learn to cut my own hair sooner

  31. JRLM says:

    A real fade

  32. Kyle Wilson says:

    This looks good on a white guy?

  33. sakariye sanyare says:

    Is it weird if i show this vid to my barber

  34. Shala Sharpe says:

    That is a gorgeous man

  35. Josh Griffiths says:

    what do u have on top Broderick

  36. nico suave says:

    you can be a top model jesus christ

  37. TempleSundae says:


  38. Ron Skull says:

    Great Video!!! im blad now but great, great video! its gonna take practice! lol

  39. altair alves says:

    omg !

  40. poetfromtheville says:

    bruh, that bih cleeeeean

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