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Well, everybody knows that right now this is the age of technology and of media. Everyone has an Ipad; you know, gone are the days of the Gameboy. Now it’s the Ipad, now it’s the Iphone… now it’s, you know, there’s Youtube on there and everything else. Now it’s just the days of going into a restaurant and you have to whip out the Ipad for the child. What kind of impact does that have on the child’s development? Well, it has a lot of impact on them and not for the good! Sometimes it can help them with learning numbers and letters and there are some great games and that in about ten to twenty minutes a day max.

When you’re starting to use these things in place of other ways of learning, then it poses a problem. We’re all in an age where communicating and engaging with people face to face is limited because everyone’s already texting and emailing. So, we have to be very cognizant and very mindful that, you know, when we grew up as parents we were talking to each other and playing with each other. You want to be able to provide those opportunities for your children. So, if they’re playing a game and watching TV, chances are they’re not playing with a child and they’re not learning common social skills. Everything that your child learns is through experience, through doing things with their peers. And also, they learn through observations. So, if they’re watching you on your phone all day they may think ‘well, that’s the way to do it these days’.

So, you also want to remember that what you do impacts your child’s development as well. There are two things to know here; one is if your child is playing on the video games, watching TV, and are not outside on the playgrounds and are not engaging with their friends, then they are not playing and they should be. Two is that the impact that these toys have on your child can be significant because it’s a lot of input. It’s a lot of visual stimulation and you might find that they are not able to actually attend to people then because they are so used to looking at a screen rather than a person.

Providing opportunities for your child to use an Ipad may not be detrimental; you can have them play a game for ten to twenty minutes a day, whatever time a day that is, and that’s fine. But, once you begin to introduce that at meal time when out at restaurants consider this: your child will then always associate the Ipad with the restaurant. They’ll never be able to have a meal and talk to you about their day because they’ll just automatically assume that they’re sitting at a restaurant having that Ipad. So, remember to keep the Ipad for times of learning and to encourage your child to connect with you, engage with you, and the same with their peers at meal time and at play time.

Remember that these opportunities are so vital for your child to learn and grow because they learn through experience. Also through playing with their peers, and not exclusively through media and technology.

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26 Responses

  1. Victorious Victorious says:

    How about we just give them iPad at teenage years

  2. Aaron ROBLOX says:

    this is not helpful for ROBLOX Players like me THIS IS HELPFUL FOR STOOPID 1 TO 5 YEARS OLD BETCH [im 11]

  3. The Cool Characters says:

    I hate when people don't know about the topic but they still talk about it like they know it greatly

  4. zCortex says:

    Ok so let’s remove all technology because you adults don’t like it. Very annoying how adults keep complaining about this really good tech

  5. Kevin Alexander Guerra Cerventes says:

    You are using technology to explain technology is bad. Ironic.

  6. Comander Gree says:

    Bruh…….10-20 min is too little DO YOU UNDERSTAND!

  7. Alien is n0nExist says:

    We do things with our peers. O N L I N E G A M I N G. WE CHAT WITH OUR FRIENDS THROUGH XBOX LIVE, PS NETWORK, AND DISCORD. and 10-20 minutes? That's WAY too small. #Don'tRuinGaming

  8. Andy Hart says:

    I agree with this video. I believe that Social Media and Cell Phones do a great deal of bad when it comes the development of children's brains. These devices are made addictive on purpose and are proven to have negative health effects, such as causing brain cancer and depression. The French Education Ministry has realized the negatives of having media devices in the classroom and is placing a ban on them in all of their youth schools starting September 2018. I believe that other governments should follow suit with France and keep media devices out of the classroom.

  9. Kayla Charles says:


  10. Raptor Chaser says:

    what the hell, this is crappy

  11. Roky1989 says:

    Everything is in moderation. Parents should engage with their kids a lot more, even through iPads or computers, consoles. Don't just give your kid the device for them to leave you alone. Give them the device and show them how to use some apps or programs. Teach them how to draw and make the drawings move. Teach them how to program stuff. Teach them how to use those devices creatively, so they can build on that.
    But, as said, everything in moderation. The woman is right – video games, especially the colorfull and shrill ones, are waaaay too stimulating for a childs brain, which gets used to this overabundance of stimuly and becomes bored quite fast, if there are none that are this strong. This is why children get needy and greedy with the devices. The here and now doesn't fascinate their brains anymore as it's pretty slow, dull and silent.
    I'm seeing this with the kids of my friends and I'm hoping I'll not do those mistakes. Thank goodness I'm a biologist and understand how the brain works and develops.
    My plan is to let my kids play outside as much as possible and engage them with handwork and such. I'll play games with them, but never past a certain time limit. I'll play games myself, but never past a certain timelimit, so they can learn from example, that moderation is possible. I'll teach them how to use these devices creatively. I'll teach them that they are not just toys but also have access to an abundance of information. I hope I'll be able to do this and keep up with technology.

  12. Conor Daly says:

    What if your child has no friends

  13. Tiny Pastel Mia says:

    It helps me stop cutting so screw this but I do understand kids need experience



  15. Alex D 2016 says:

    " playing on the video games " I cam already smell ignorance and stupidity

  16. Ismael Mimon Ochoa says:

    no way

  17. Miguel Albo Arroyo says:

    this is a realy bad video i spend hours in tabled

  18. Diego Pérez Gutiérrez says:

    sith of video

  19. Majora's Channel says:

    The days of the Gameboy were the good days, good because I wasn’t there.

  20. Mostafa Elshaer says:

    No way games

  21. Noah Decker says:

    A reacent study shows that children can have more than three hours with NO side effects.

  22. Longinustube101 gaming says:

    This person better shut up and we don’t care

  23. shada channel says:

    this will impact on youre child future

  24. No Videos says:

    But your using technology right now idiot.

  25. Hector Garcia says:

    Need this for an assignment. But don't know if she's credible can you guys help?

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