How Maung Abdul Khan changed his life | About Rohingya literature | English course | Learning Quran

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This channel is meant for Rohingya to be well educated.

Who is Maung Abdul Khan

Maung Abdul Khan (born 25th Feb 1988) is a Rohingya Youth leader in India and a freelance writer and editor at R4R News of Rohingya Human Rights Initiative. He has been leading Rohingya Learning Center, since 2016, which is a multi-knowledge and learning channel in Rohingya language aiming Rohingya to be well educated.
After graduation from Sittwe University by B.Sc (Statistics) in 2009, he has been running his career by teaching Rohingya community and facilitating and empowering the new generation.
He worked for SLIC/UNHCR-India from April 2014 to June 2015.

Please watch: “Aerial view from the sky while landing from the flight | captured by Maung Abdul khan | 1 oct 2018 ”


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