How Bill Gates reads books

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Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year, which breaks down to about one a week. Gates told us the four habits and hacks he does to get the most out of his reading. Yes, knowing the habits of successful people can help you improve and Gate’s tips on how to read are no exception.

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25 Responses

  1. Konstanten Konstanten says:

    That's rich bill how many dishes have you washed today?

  2. Ernestine Karmann says:

    Bill Gates, Yeah….. ☢️

  3. Levy C. Mendoza says:

    He was a rule of upon unminded, it's okay.

  4. Giovanni De La Rosa says:

    I’m glad a person like Bill Gates has been the wealthiest person in the world for such a long time.

  5. Just Did It says:

    Instead of marginal notes, just draw line blocks around the most important paragraphs. Then, when you want to review the material, you can easily find the important information that you are looking for.

  6. Just Did It says:

    Fiction should be read cover to cover. Reading every non-fiction book cover to cover is wasting time. Most books have at least one or two chapters (often more) that are either so boring you learn nothing from them or you are already familiar enough with the material that it's unnecessary. Selective reading is the best way to maximize efficiency and interest.

    I would say most non-fiction books are NOT worth reading cover to cover, biographical/autobiographical works being excluded.

    And marginal notes for me aren't very helpful. What I find the most profitable is discussing what I've read with someone else. If I can't explain it clearly, then I need to review some more. Or, if no one else is interested, I'll often write in a notebook in outline format what I've learned in a particular chapter. That way the information is easily accessible if I ever want to review it for long-term memory.

  7. Juliana Gondo says:

    Something I can finally relate with him

  8. J H says:

    Is it with his eyes?

  9. XxRohanfiredupXx fired upXx says:

    His kid goes to my school


  10. Graham Hettinger says:

    Who is this nerdddddd?

  11. mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit] says:

    I hate the advice of don't start books you won't finish. I mean why not? If you start a new book and 30 pages in realize you don't like it, why wouldn't you start a new one? Non fiction books in particular can be slow and tedious to read, so there is justification in skipping sections that you have no interest in.

  12. gabbogobbo says:

    bruh just read the freaking words

  13. ꧁Skippy꧂ says:

    Please do How Bill Gates poops next time. I really wanna know if he pulls his pants after flushing or puts pants on then flush.

  14. Josh S. says:

    One word at a time.

  15. Jason Walsh says:

    The way I read books is turning the gain down on my lapel

  16. WisdomPlus says:

    Nice insights.
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  17. gunmetal says:

    Don't read Infinite Jest… It's a hot mess of preachy rubbish writing in the most nauseating way possible

  18. Rosa Lee says:

    Is there a connection with high IQ and bad vision?

  19. Veiko Santana says:

    At least I read from PDF's

  20. CH FIPPS says:

    Phony asshole

  21. Masego Polelo says:

    Doesn't do TV watching and social media, I suspect.

  22. insta gram says:

    With his eyes.

  23. Towels Towels says:

    By using his eyes

  24. Julia Renhart says:

    People really need advice on how to read books now?

  25. Guilherme Nascimento says:

    With his eyes I guess

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