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Father of Auchitya theory : Kshemendra
He introduced Auchitya in his book AuchityaVicharCharcha.
Kshemendra was born in Kashmir.
He is in the list of the best
Sanskrit poets of the 11th century.
Kshemendra was the pupil of Abhinavgupta.

Famous abridgements by Kshemendra :


Famous poetic works

Auchitya Vichar Charcha

Like all the poets Kshemendra also said that
“Auchitya is the soul of the poem.”
This is the only theory which is accepted by all the poets without any arguments.
It is called the theory of coordination.
Because it coordinates all the factors of the Natyashashtra.

To use the all the elements of poem which beautifies the poem in appropriate place is called “Auchitya”.
To use Rasa, Alankara, Riti etc. in appropriate place in Portia called Auchitya.
Auchitya contains word “Uchit”
It means appropriate.
Suppose there should be the use of Rasa in the poem and if it is not used then it can destroy the beauty of the poem.

And if we use the elements of Natyashashtra in appropriate place then they can beautify the poem.

Kshemendra describes about the 27 types of Auchitya.

1.Pada (Phrase)
2. Vakya ( sentence)
3.Prabhandhanartha ( meaning in whole composition)
4.Guna (Qualities)
5. Alankara ( poetic figure)
6. Rasa ( state of being)
7.Kriya ( Verb)

8. Karaka ( case ending)
9.Linga ( Gender)
10.Vachana ( Number)
11. Visheshana ( qualification)
12. Upsarga ( Prefix)
13. Nipata ( Redundancies)
14. Kala ( Time)
15. Desh (country)
16.Kula ( Family)
17. Vrata ( custom)
18. Tatva ( Truth)
19. Satva ( Inherant self)
20. Abhipraya ( Motive)

21 Swabhava ( Nature)
22. Sarsangraha ( essential property)
23. Pratibha ( Inmate Ability)
24. Avastha ( State)
25 Vichara ( Thought)
26. Nama ( Name)
27. Aashirwada ( Blessings)

Properties of Auchitya

1.Auchtya is the only element of Natyashashtra which includes Guna, Dosha, Alamkara, Dhavani, Rasa and Vakrata.

2. Auchitya includes both the types of poems : Bahva and Rupa.

3. Auchitya is like the mirror poetic works. The interest of reader doesn’t matter in Auchitya.
4. Auchitya contains all the elements of the Natyashashtra which is helpful for the beatification of the poetry.
5. As it is important to have all the values in the life, the auchitya is important for the poems.

Views on Auchitya

Bharata Muni used “Auchitya” in Natyashashtra.
Rajshekhara ( In Kavya Mimansa) said that Auchitya is used in rights or wrong ways in the poetry.

Bhamah: When poet writes according to the reader’s choice, Rasa is present in the poetry.

Dandi : If something is said in the protest of Desha (country) Loka(peoole) and Aagam in the poetry, it shows that there is Dosh( defect) in the Poetry.

Aanandwardhana : He said that Auchitya is present in the poetry where Rasa is present.
He gave more importantance to Dhavani than Auchitya.

Kuntaka : He divided Auchitya in two parts in Vakrokti Kavya jivitama.
(I) If poet presents the poetry in a better manner which never decreases the importance of poetry, it shows that Auchtya is present in it.
(II) If the reader’s interest is considered in the poetry than it is having the presence of Auchitya in it.
Mammata: We can find Guna and Dosha by the Auchitya.
Otherwise there is no use of the Auchitya in the poetry.

Panditraj Jagannanatha: If there is absense of Auchitya in the poetry it might be the reason of “Rasabhanga”(absense of Rasa).

Aacharya Vishwanath : He did not give more importance to Auchitya like Mammat. To find the merits and demerits of poetry is only work of Auchitya.
It is not right to say “Auchitya is the soul of poetey”

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